Best Head Shavers 2018 (Full Buying Guide)


best head shavers

List OF Best Head Shavers 2018

I hope that you will not disagree if I say:

Shaving your head is a bit FRUSTRATING.

If you have ever shaved your head before you must know that it’s not as easy as it seems. It requires a lot of practice and time in order to easily shave your head and maneuver the shaver comfortably around the head.

Reaching those difficult areas around the scalp is not easy and sometimes it’s a bit annoying unless you have the right head shaver to do the job correctly.

Men normally start shaving their head when they notice that their hair is falling or when they see some gray hair.

Selecting the best head shaver is not easy and if you think that you may use the manual razor to do the job then you are mistaken. A normal electric shaver that is made to cut your facial hair is not made to handle long hair on your head and using it to cut the hair on your scalp might clog up your electric razor. Therefore, you need to carefully select the right head shaver.

The latest technology has made shaving easier without any doubt and these days we have a variety of personal grooming products that are available in the market. However, You need to do some careful research while you select the best head shaver that suits your need perfectly.

There are many questions in our mind related to shaving the head and the most common ones are: How can I shave my head? what type of shaver is best for shaving heads? In this buyer’s guide, we will try to answer all the question related to shaving heads.

Let’s have a look at the list of the best head shavers for men.

Pitbull Shaver For Head

Pitbull shaver is the best electric razor for head and on the number 1 position of our list. you will find 3 types of pitbull head shavers: silver, gold, and platinum. We prefer the Pitbull Gold Shaver.

The shaving experience with this Pitbull Shaver is simply outstanding. it’s a rotary shaver which gives closer shave as compared to that of the foil shaver. Rotary shavers are normally considered best for head shaving.

Normally you would have seen rotary shavers with 3 blades but this Pitbull head shaver comes with 5 rotary blades. Each blade moves separately on the head that allows a  flexible motion and helps the shaver glide smoothly along the contour of your head giving you a closer shave and reduces the chance of cuts and irritation.

With this Pitbull shaver, you don’t have to make multiple passes to get the job done and with just a single pass it will cut the hair close enough to give you that shiny bald look.

Shaving your head with Pitbull Head Shaver is extremely simple and easy since it’s specifically designed to shave the head. Therefore, this head shaver does not have the traditional long body like the regular electric shavers. The Pitbull shaver has a small square shaped body so that you can easily hold it in your palm.

The square cube-shaped body of the shaver provides a good grip of the shaver. The shaver fits firmly in your hand giving you a full control of the shaver and allows you to freely shave any part of the head easily even the back of the scalp.

The flexibility of the rotary blades and a good grip of the shaver makes it extremely easy and comfortable for you to shave your head without much hassle. This Pitbull shaver is 100% water resistant and you may easily use it in the shower or clean it under the tap water.

Unlike other head shavers, you can use the Pitbull head shaver straight out of the box since it’s already charged partially. If the battery drains out after using you may simply recharge your shaver and it will take 2 hours to fully recharge the shaver. After it’s 100% charged, it will allow you to shave your head three times.

The only downside of Pitbull head shaver is that if you have long hair or you don’t shave your head that often and you let your hair grow then you would need to purchase a clipper attachment. With the help of the clipper attachment, you will be able to first trim those long hair before shaving your head with the skull shaver.

Philips Norelco Head Shaver QC5580/40

This Philips Norelco head shaver QC5580/40 is on the 2nd spot on our list of best head shavers. This shaver allows you to trim those long hair before you use the head shaving attachment which makes the head shaving more smooth and comfortable.

The most unique feature of this shaver is its do it yourself system which has a 180-degree rotating head that allows the shaver to reach those difficult areas of the head to give you a cleaner and shinier look. This is a quite handy feature and makes the job a lot easier as compared to those shavers having the non-rotating head.

It’s very simple to use the Philips head shaver, you just need to adjust the rotating head to an angle that you are comfortable with. This way you can easily be able to shave those hard to reach areas on your head without much hassle. You may also be able to easily shave your beard with this Philips Norelco QC5580/40.

The shaver has a dial on the head which lets you adjust the length of the trimmer from zero to 19/32 inch. You may use the head shaving attachment after using the trimmer for a closer and cleaner look.

The trimmer in the Philips Norelco QC5580/40 is quite a unique option and you won’t be able to find this function in other head shavers. The idea behind the trimmer in this shaver is to cut the long hair short and then use the head shaving attachment to get a closer shave.

The rounded edges of the blades help reduce the cuts and irritation and gives you a clean and close shave. However, the head shaving blades are foil type which normally performs less efficiently as compared to that of the rotary shaver. In order to get the best results with the foil head shaver, you might need multiple passes with some extra pressure to get rid of the stubble completely.

This Philips head shaver has a lithium-ion battery. After charging the shaver for about 60 minutes it will allow you a full one hour shaving time. It’s a cordless shaver but you may also use it with power cord. Philips QC5580/40 comes with a battery indicator that shows the battery level of the shaver. If your shaver is fully charged it will show a white light and if the shaver is showing orange light that means it’s time to recharge your shaver.

It comes with a nice travel pouch for traveling purpose. You may easily carry this shaver anywhere in the world since it is compatible with all the voltages around the world. A small mirror is also provided with this Philips head shaver QC5580/40 that will assist you in reaching those difficult areas of the head.

It has a good grip made of rubber that allows you to hold the shaver firmly while you shave and the overall touch and feel of the shaver is quite nice. This shaver is 100% waterproof and you may easily clean it under a tap water.


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