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If you have been planning to use an electric shaver from now onwards, then you might be curious to know about its hidden benefits as well. Convenience and comfort are two primary reasons which have driven many people to shift themselves to an electric shaver.

As we talk about electric shavers, they are available in two main types such as:

  • Foil
  • Rotary

Each of the types is different from one another in terms of usage, preferences, and advantages. Right through this guide, we will have a deep discussion about what foil shavers are and how they benefit you at best. Plus, we will also discuss the best models of foil shavers in 2021 to pick the one that suits your requirements.

What is foil shaver all about?

Foil shaver was introduced as a version of original electric shavers as an improvement. Jacob Schick patented it. The Remington brand launched the first foil shaver product, where they used a thin and micro-foil metal screen to cover all the shaver blades. This excellent covering of the blades even improves the comfort to use it on a daily basis.

With time, the foil shaver’s design has improved to a great extent, but the functionality principle stays the same. The latest models of foil shaver products have been introduced with thin foils. This will enable the shaver to cut the hair even closer to the skin.

Moreover, foil shavers also include sharp oscillating blades, which can move on both sideways without any hassle. It moves at a high speed that can easily cut your hairs which is poking through perforations inside the foil.

Currently, the majority of modern electric shavers have a maximum of two micro-foils. But at the same time, it even includes some advanced cutting elements. With the help of cutting elements, you can easily trim or capture flat-lying or longer hairs. In most of the latest foil shaver models, you will find more than one (2 or 3) specialized cutting elements.

Shavers that are equipped with 3 or more blades are generally considered top-performing shavers.

Furthermore, they have extra powerful motors and the shaving head comes with excellent flexibility with some rich features.

What are the Important Benefits of Foil Shavers?

All the models of foil shavers are different in functionality as compared to a rotary shaver. However, both types of shavers (foil and rotary) can be perfect, it mainly depends on the user preference.

Below we will highlight a few of the significant advantages of foil shavers for the users:

  • Requires Fewer Preparation

There is no need to make any extra preparation before using electric foil shavers, unlike a manual razor, while using a manual razor you need to have a great quality razor with a rich lather and you need water to rinse. Hence, you can use the foil shaver dry with minimal preparation and use few products. There is no need to buy extra tools or do special planning for using a foil shaver.

  • Easy to Use

The reason why foil shavers are extremely popular is due to their convenience for beginners. They do have a slight learning curve, and hence you can use it without any formal instruction and with little practice.

Compared to other complex tools for shaving, including straight razors, the foil shaver is known to be the easiest. It is less risky for those who have just started shaving.

  • Closest Shaving experience

Another best thing about foil shavers is that they offer the closest shave. This makes this tool excellent for sensitive skin and coarse facial skin. When using foil shavers, it is clear that you will receive great results. This is all because of the micro-foil, which is an integral part of it and is extremely thin.

However, the metal combs installed inside the rotary razors are thicker, and they often work as an obstacle between the skin and the blade. As much thinner the barrier will be, the better and closer shave you will have.

There’s no doubt you will find men who prefer using rotary shavers over foil shavers and get excellent results and that is completely fine. Since everyone has different skin type and preferences.

  • Zero Nicks and Thin Cuts

In most cases, it might cause skin irritation. Hence, it is not possible to cut or nick yourself by using the foil shaver. Because of the screened design, the skin will be protected from coming into the contact with the blade directly. These shavers work best for men with sensitive skin or who have coarse hair.

  • Excellent for your sensitive skin

This is another primary reason due to which the use of foil shaver is becoming prevalent. It works best for the skin, which is sensitive and is prone to some irritation.

Some rotary shavers, such as those which do not belong to the high-end category might pull the facial hairs and often cause irritation. If you have a bit of sensitive skin, then choosing the foil shaver is the best recommendation. You need to be careful with the selection of the electric shaver according to your skin type.

  • Foil shavers are easy to clean manually.

To let your razor survive for long years, it is essential to perform the proper cleaning, sanitization, and lubrication of your electric razor. This needs to be done regularly. Some of the shavers are available with the cleaning stations, which are incredibly helpful. But some are not so good in performance, so you need to be careful with your selection.

The cost of the electric shaver goes up if it comes with a cleaning unit and in that case, you have the option to manually clean the electric razor.

If your shaver doesn’t have a cleaning unit and if you want to clean it regularly, then choosing the option of manual cleaning is the best. It is mandatory to give your rotary razor a regular cleaning at least twice a week. You have to clean it thoroughly, the top shaving heads need to be separated and each cutter is cleaned separately.

It’s a bit of a time-consuming task and you must not mix-up the pairs of cutters and combs since it can affect the shaver’s performance.

For most foil shavers, the process of manual cleaning is relatively straightforward and easy. You need to imply some liquid soap and rinse it with hot water. Some foil shavers are easy to clean and maintain.

For instance, when we talk about Remington and Panasonic shavers, you can properly clean them by separating their foils’ inner blades which allows complete access that makes the cleaning process a lot easier.

Whereas the Braun utilizes sort of cassettes along with the foils and blades which don’t allow too much access making it difficult to clean manually.

The advanced models of Braun shavers come with a more complex blade and foil system, therefore, it’s best to have a cleaning station if you choose the high-end model of a Braun shaver.

  • Foil shaver is great for touchups

If we talk about foil shavers, they are always best for the finesse and touch-up work. With the help of a straight edge, you will have complete control over your shave when using it on tricky areas. This includes either goatee or sideburns.

The strokes with foil shaver are quite short and straight which allows more control and precision as compared to the rotary shaver in which the user moves the shaver in a circular motion on the face.

All the models of foil shavers works are in a straightforward manner which makes it perfect for beginners.

What are the Disadvantages of Using a Foil Shaver?

Every great thing introduced in the market has benefits. But on the same side, it has some drawbacks as well. And due to some disadvantages, some people avoid using electric foil shavers.

Few major disadvantages of foil shaver are discussed below:

  • Less Precision

Due to the screened design and bulky shaving head, you will find that foil shaver is a bit less precise. In case your facial hair requires more detailing, then you will find yourself to be after a manual razor.

In most cases, you will experience a sort of irritation on your skin while using foil shavers. This is quite common when you are using it on extremely sensitive skin.

Using it regularly can also cause bumps, burns, or irritation. Hence, the perforated foil that helps to protect the razor blades of the foil shaver is perfectly designed in preventing any cuts or irritation. However. it might irritate by trapping the tiny bits of skin.

  • Less Thorough Shave

Foil shaver performs the task of shaving at its best. But when it comes to close shave, it might be complex for some men. Since it has a particular barrier between the facial skin and blades.

Since it has a particular barrier between the facial skin and blades, the foil shaver is certainly not able to provide as much closer shave as compared to that of a manual razor.

Some of the men do not pay heed to attention. All they care is about the fuzz, and that’s it! But some of the men are fond of getting the shave that is smooth like butter and believes that the foil shaver is not as good in terms of performance as a manual razor.

  • Noisier

If you do not want to wake up or disturb your partner in the morning, an electric shaver is not the right choice for you. While you are using a foil shaver, it might get a little noisy. This is all due to the rapid movement of blades and motor. To have a silent and discreet shaver, try to opt for the traditional shaver.

  • Foil Shaver comes in a wide range of brands and models

As you will search around, you will find foil shavers available in various different models and brands such as Braun, Panasonic, or Wahl, Andis, and Remington. However, the only reliable brand for a rotary shaver in my opinion is Philips Norelco.

How to select the best foil shaver

Foil shavers can be different from each other. Some focus on providing a closer shave while others are best for detailing purposes.

Let’s have a look at some tips that you must consider you want to buy a foil shaver.

  • Finishing Foil

Some of the foil razor models are available with various types of foils. The majority of the razors are available with a single standard foil, and the second one is designed to pick those hairs which are left behind. This is because the hair is growing in several directions.

The finishing foil is accountable for cutting the hair, which is extremely close to the skin. This will eventually give the whole shave a fine and excellent look. Those shavers which are having finishing foils are best for the smooth shave. But most of the time, it might fall behind while capturing stubborn or long hairs.

If you’re the one who shave on daily basis or if you have little beard hair, then selecting a foil shaver that comes with a finishing foil is going to be a great choice.

  • Size of Shaver Head & Flexibility

The next most important consideration is the flexibility and size of the shaver head. Razors with larger heads normally allow a maximum number of blades and a high level of efficiency. But they might find it complex to reach some narrow and smaller areas such as below the nose.

As much bigger the head will be, the shaver will not be that much flexible. As regards to the shavers having smaller heads, it might require more effort to shave larger areas. But it will allow a closer shave for the difficult areas such as around the nose.

  • Speed of Motor

As we talk about the electric shavers, try to look for the ones with bigger motor sizes. A larger motor means extra fun and luxurious results. The speed of the shaver motor is measured in CPM, which is Cycle Per Minute. Most of the shavers have the CPM, which are around 10,000 to 15,000.

Hence, choosing a shaver model of a higher-powered motor will give you a smoother and effortless shaving experience. Another important tip is the nature of being portable and lightweight, making it easy for you to take it with you even on travel. Lightweight will help you to do the shaving smoothly.

Have you ever imagine what will happen if your shaver runs out of battery when you need it the most? the biggest advantage of the corded electric shaver has excellent security. Hence, most of the rechargeable shavers can run for around one hour with a full battery. But for some of the users, this certain duration is not enough. It is always preferred to look for the shaver model which can run for long years and that too without any hassle.

If you are all set to take the risk, then choosing a cordless shaver should be your first choice. The main purpose of using such shavers is their high mobility which makes it extremely demanding. In between the comparison of corded and cordless models, you will find some shavers with both corded and cordless functions.

It is ideal for all those men who prefer to have a smooth and effortless shaving experience.


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