The 6 Best Foil Shavers 2024 (The Ultimate Guide)

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Last Updated on January 14, 2024 by Danish M

To be honest, if you don’t know which type of electric shaver is best for you, then chances are high that you’ll end up buying a shaver that will be a nightmare.

If you’re planning to use an electric shaver from now onwards, then you might be curious to know about its hidden benefits as well. Convenience and comfort are two primary reasons which have driven many people to shift themselves to an electric shaver.

best foil shavers

As we talk about electric shavers, they are available in two main types such as:

  • Foil Shaver
  • Rotary Shaver

Both foil and rotary shavers are different from one another in terms of usage, preferences, and advantages. Right through this guide, we will have a deep discussion about what foil shavers are and how they benefit you at best. Plus, we will also discuss the best models of foil shavers in 2024 to pick the one that suits your requirements.

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Brief Overview



Our Best Pick
Braun Series 7-790cc

  • Best for Flat-lying Hairs

  • 4 Cutting Elements

  • Perfect For close shave

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Braun Series 9 9370cc

  • Excellent Wet/Dry Shaver

  • 5 Cutting Elements

  • Best Design Quality

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Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV65-S

  • Both Wet and Dry shaver

  • 5 Advanced Cutting Blades

  • Flexible Head For a Perfect Shave

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Braun Series 5 5190cc

  • Skin Sensitive System

  • Shaver Head Flexes in 8 Directions

  • 100% Waterproof For Wet shaving

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Panasonic Arc 3 ES8103S

  • 3 Sharp Cutting Blades

  • Pivoting Head for Smooth Shave

  • Wet/Dry shaving Option

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Braun Series 3 ProSkin

  • Best Sensitive Skin shaver

  • 3 Shaving Elements

  • Both Wet & Dry Option

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What is a foil shaver?

Foil shaver was introduced as a version of the original electric shavers as an improvement. Jacob Schick patented it. The Remington brand launched the first foil shaver product, where they used a thin and micro-foil metal screen to cover all the shaver blades. This excellent covering of the blades even improves the comfort to use it on a daily basis.

With time, the foil shaver’s design has improved to a great extent, but the functionality principle stays the same. The latest models of foil shaver products have been introduced with thin foils. This will enable the shaver to cut the hair even closer to the skin.

Moreover, foil shavers also include sharp oscillating blades, which can move on both sideways without any hassle. It moves at a high speed that can easily cut your hairs that are poking through perforations inside the foil.

Currently, the majority of modern electric shavers have a maximum of two micro-foils. But at the same time, it even includes some advanced cutting elements. With the help of cutting elements, you can easily trim or capture flat-lying or longer hairs. In most of the latest foil shaver models, you will find more than one (2 or 3) specialized cutting elements.

Shavers that are equipped with 3 or more blades are generally considered top-performing shavers.

Furthermore, they have extra powerful motors and the shaving head comes with excellent flexibility with some rich features.

6 Best Foil Shavers For Men

So here are the in-depth reviews on the shavers that we have selected and believe are excellent for men who are specifically looking for the best electric foil shaver.

1. Braun Series 7 790cc:


Braun Series 7 790cc is one of the best foil shavers on the market right now. Let’s find out why.

It’s made in such a way that you can cut your long beard hair quickly. This is the best product for those people whose beard hair grows abundantly at a fast speed.

Intelligent Pulsonic Technology

Its Intelligent Pulsonic Technology can push 10,000 micro-vibrations in a single minute. This process will lift your hair.

Active lift technology:

Now the flat-laying hair won’t be troublesome for you. They can be lifted and cut superbly.

Triple Action Cutting system:

It is ideal for those who need shavers for their bald heads and those who want to give their hair lengths an impeccable shave.


The OptiFoil will protect your skin from getting scratched and irritated by the blades while capturing more hair.

Precision Long-Hair Trimmer:

It helps to trim mustache or sideburns which is quite handy.


Its waterproof ability makes it worth buying, It can easily be used in the shower.

Three customization modes:

It has got three modes that the user can control. Extra sensitive, intensive, and standard are the ones made just right according to your needs.

Now, let’s check out the three most important features of this shaver that made it loved by lots of men. These includes:

  • Intelligent Sonic technology
  • Active Lift trimmer
  • 2X OptiFoil

It’s best for usage if you have sensitive skin. Have a smooth and close shave for even up to .05mm.

Moreover, its active lift system moves 130 times per second that’s something remarkable, it helps to lift the facial hair and cut it close.

Further, its inbuilt system can follow the contour of your face While you shave, this is possible because the shaver’s head can flex about 40 degrees that provide a comfortable shave. This is so far the best shaver allowing you to feel the closest shave ever.

The charging takes around 60 minutes and once the shaver is fully charged it will allow a cordless shave for 50 minutes. It also comes with an LCD display that informs you of the battery status and also indicates if the shaver needs to be cleaned.

Manual cleaning an electric shaver can be a tedious task. You don’t have to worry about it since this Braun shaver Series 7 790cc has got you covered with a cleaning and charging station.

It has 3 shaving modes so that you can adjust the speed of this shaver and set its intensity according to your skin sensitivity.

Hopefully, these valuable, informative points would add to your knowledge positively. You will have the best results ever. Keep these things in mind while purchasing to be safe from any harmful or adverse outcomes. Enjoy easy and smooth life forever.

  • A great close shaving experience
  • Quite durable design
  • No noise issue
  • Cleaning and charging station is included
  • Wet shaving option is missing
Check Braun Series 7 790cc on Amazon


2. Braun Series 9 9370cc:


Braun Series 9 is one of the most efficient shavers available on the market right now. Its 4+1 Pro Head is this product’s specialty.

Let’s have a look at some of the significant features of this shaver.

 Five parts cutting head:

There are five parts of the entire cutting head. They all work together to deliver the best results.


  • Two Opti foil shavers along with the skin guards
  • Lift-and-cut Trimmer
  • Direct -and-cut trimmer
  • Protective skin guard

Suitable for all types of hair:

Precisely, to enjoy a smooth and close shave, use Braun Series 9. It’s suitable for all types of hair, a person may have flat-lying, or the hair is growing in different and awkward directions. You can use this product without giving it a second thought.


This product is completely waterproof. Whether you like to shave in the shower or want to use shaving cream, you can rinse the shaver safely, there won’t be any restrictions on you.

Titanium coating:

The best part of this shaver is its titanium coating. Due to this coating, it allows a pleasurable and hygienic shaving experience. It is also rust-proof, which adds more reliability to the product.

Travel-lock functioning:

The Travel-lock system is its built-in quality. It cannot turn on by itself or automatically when it’s in your luggage while traveling.

Moreover, you don’t have to recharge it again and again. It will not vibrate without any reason.

SyncroSonic technology:

Its shaver head is fantastic. Also, SyncroSonic technology makes it worth buying. It creates 40,000 cross-cutting motions in a minute. It is also able to sense the density of the beard hair around the face over 160 times a minute.

This enables the electric shaver to adjust itself automatically to efficiently cut each and every facial hair, you’re not required to move the electric razor repeatedly on the same spot. That’s pretty awesome. Right? It will save you from any cuts and irritation.

Battery life:

Braun’s previous models were good in their place, but this model has 20% more battery life. It can work for 60 minutes consecutively.

Just charge it once and use it for an extended period. Once it’s charged, you won’t have to recharge it for a few weeks if you don’t shave daily and uses a shaver for a few minutes only.

Moreover, it can charge relatively faster than any other shaving machine in this category. A 5-minute quick-charging technology is something truly remarkable.

LED Display:

The LED display screen has an indicator that shows the battery level. It shows you the indications if you need to recharge the shaver. If you’re out of battery, you may simply charge it for 5-minutes which is enough for a single shaver.

Self-cleaning model:

Hygiene is quite important for a smooth and comfortable shave. Almost all the trimmers and shavers have built-in high-quality blades, but they require cleanliness to avoid harmful bacteria.

Sanitization plays a crucial role in keeping your skin healthy. If the shaver’s blades are not clean and sanitized, it will cause bacteria to build in it. So whenever you use it, it will transfer to your skin and you may feel irritation for sure.

The Braun Series 9 has left all the shavers far behind in cleanliness criteria. Since the blades are designed to be used multiple times, therefore, its parts are titanium coated, this model has a self-cleaning option and you will get a Clean and Charge station with this shaver.

Feel clean and healthy by using such a great product. Also, it comes with a small cleaning brush, and you can clean it manually as well.

Clean, Charge, and Renew stand:

Its manufacturers provide you with a clean and Charge stand. Further, there is a clean and renew cartridge as well. They both are having cleaning solutions within them. The blades are thoroughly lubricated and cleaned with these tools.

You don’t need to worry about cleanliness, Braun’s specifications will do all the work required.

The cleaning cartridge lies at the bottom of the Clean and Charge stand. When you want to start the process of self-cleaning, dock the shaver facing downwards, and push the power button.

It will start working. The solution lying at the bottom will wash the blades. It will also lubricate them so that you can use them anytime again in the next few minutes.

An icon is present at the shaver, in the shape of three water drops. Whenever your shaver needs cleaning, it will start lighting up, giving you the indication to clean your shaver. You can use the Clean and Charge stand for your ease.

The LED indicator is also there in the cleaning stand that indicates the level of cleaning solution in your stand and the time to change it.


When we compare Braun Series 9 and Braun Series 7, we concluded that Braun Series 9 is the best shaver. It has got its elegance and charm.

It gives you a closer shave with its five-part shaver head. Although it’s a little heavy, its parts are titanium-coated.

On the contrary, Braun series 7 had a three-part shaver head, was a little light and had a painted body. Braun S9 is the best choice and winning hearts.

  • Premium Design Quality
  • Wet/Dry shaving option
  • Best for sensitive skin
  • 100% waterproof
  • A bit expensive
Check Braun Series 9 9370cc on Amazon


3. Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV65-S


Your hard-earned money is not meant to get wasted. You want to buy a product that is valuable and reliable. It should deliver the best results you ever wanted. The new Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV65-S is just suitable for you and your daily needs.

The Panasonic ES-LV65 is a part of the Panasonic Arc 5 family of shavers.

It has got all the characteristics of an excellent shaver.

Five blades:

The concept behind the five blades in this shaver is to save the time you spend shaving and it can easily handle all types of hair. It has also got special cutters for stubborn, short, flat, or long hairs.

These five blades are built with hypoallergenic nanotechnology. They work precisely and are ultra-sharp. Due to the five blades, its head seems to be a bit big. It might take few trials to get comfortable with this shaver, and then you will get used to this product.


Its motor is quite powerful. The linear motor can deliver 14,000 cuts in a minute. While having five blades, it will provide 70,000 cross-cuts in a single minute.

It can even cut your rugged beard quite fast. It’s a worth buying product due to its efficient and mind-boggling performance.

Foils and Blades Patterns:

Another outstanding feature of this product is its flexible foil and blade system. There are outer two finishing foils that are used to cut the beard hairs which grow closer to the skin. The two reversed tapered foils help to lift the flat-lying hairs and cut them, they are also known as the Lift Tech Foils.

Slit blade/ Middle trimmer:

Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV65-S has a slitting blade also called the middle trimmer. It captures the long hairs and cuts them closely. The inner blades are designed in a way that they correspond with the reverse tapered foils. On the other hand, the next set of three blades are connected with the foil assembly.

Active Shaving Sensor:

The new Panasonic Arc 5 ES-LV65-S has been built with an Active Shaving Sensor. This feature makes it the most wanted and high-end model of Panasonic.

When you use it, its sensors tell the density of the hair. It can automatically increase or lower its power in areas of dense or less facial hair.

This feature can lessen the chances of irritation and heating within the foil. The best part is that it depends on your choice whether you want to use this feature or you may disable it.

Multi-flex pivoting head:

This electric razor is ideal for sensitive parts of your face. Usually, the chin and neck areas are easily handled with this shaver.

The head of this shaver will smoothly give you a flawless shave with easy and non-irritated strokes. The redness and irritation won’t be an issue anymore.

Pop-up Trimmer:

A Pop-up trimmer is quite a useful tool in this shaver which helps to trim the beard, sideburns, and mustaches.

Wet or Dry shaving:

You can use the shaving cream to shave with this shaver or you may use it dry without cream or gel. That’s your own choice.

LED Display:

You will be notified when there is a battery shortage. Also, it will give you cleaning and replacement indications.

360 degrees pivoting head:

The razor’s head is quite flexible and can move on any side while you shave your face, giving you a smooth and close shave. The flexible head easily reaches the problematic parts without any hurdle. This shaver will leave your skin smooth, fantastic, and attractive each time you use it.

Comparison with Panasonic’s other models:

Due to its 5-blade system, it can shave quickly. At the same time, Panasonic’s other shavers with just three blades can’t do the job with such precision. The pop-up trimmer is its unique quality.

Due to the five blades, its head has become immense, but it’s not that huge though. The trimmer is just right there, close to the head of the shaver.

Clean and Charge station:

It doesn’t come with a clean and charge station. You can buy one if you want to. Just keep in mind that purchasing a clean and charge station will add more to the cost of this product. You can always clean it manually as well.


It’s a must-have product. The features it holds are remarkable and gives you a great shave every time. Furthermore, It won’t be very costly. Buy this product without any further ado and enjoy a smooth shave.

  • 5 blades shaving system provides very close shave
  • For Both wet and dry shaving
  • It has got quite powerful motor
  • A big Shaving head
  • Can cause a bit of irritation if you have a very sensitive skin
Check Panasonic Arc 5 on Amazon


4. Braun Series 5 5190cc


If you are looking for a razor that can give you a hundred percent comfortable shave, the Braun Series 5 5190cc is the best choice you can make. It’s compatible with your needs. You can use it conveniently whenever you want to get a comfortable shave.

It’s from amongst the Braun’s Series shavers 3,5,7, and 9. Its design is just right for your face. It provides a comfortable shave whether you want to have a dry or wet shave. You can simply use it while taking a shower.

Furthermore, when using Braun Series 5 5190cc, you can use it with foam and gel.


It is up to 15 feet waterproof, which makes it a distinctively amazing product.

Another interesting feature is that It will not even slip from your hands. Moreover, its grip has a texture that provides a firm grip while holding it under the shower.

You can easily shave the areas comfortably you want to shave underwater. It gives you freedom of action, and that is for sure.

Works in 8 directions:

The shaver’s head is designed in a way that allows cutting uniformly. The Braun Series 5’s two foil blades and an ActiLift middle trimmer are made to capture flat-lying hair. Moreover, the shaver’s head can flex in eight directions. If you want to have a close, comfortable shave, this can be a great choice.

Design and Color combination:

Its sophisticated simple body and smooth performance make it worth buying. Another important feature is its attractiveness. Black and silver colors make it look elegant.

The Braun has given it a combination of silver and black. The body is in black color while the head is of silver color. It not only feels good in your hands but it also looks great on your bathroom shelf.

Along with the color combination, the lighting blue display screen gives it a decent look.

Simple settings:

It will not mislead you with too many buttons. Also, It is free from any difficult and complicated settings.


The qualitative grip ensures that you will keep holding the shaver strongly and firmly. Even if your hands are wet and slippery, the grip is made in such a manner that the shaver won’t slip out of your hand that easily.

Battery life:

The Braun Series 5 runs 50 minutes once you fully charge the shaver. Furthermore, It has got a three-level display. The display ensures that you know the remaining time for shaving.


Even if you can not recharge it for a full one hour, you can charge it quickly. For this purpose, it has a feature named Quick-charge. By using this feature, you can charge your shaver quickly, it will allow enough power to get a single shave.

This razor’s special quality is that it can even be used when it’s being plugged in. Meanwhile, the battery life indicator remains disabled when it is plugged in for charging.

Auto-sensing motor:

Just like Braun’s series seven 790cc-4, this product also got an auto-sensing motor. The shaver is smart enough to identify and estimate the density of your beard so that your skin will not feel much pressure while shaving in order to reduce any rashes or irritation.

This way, the sensitive skin will not get irritated. Its special feature makes it the best choice for sensitive skin.

Travel lock feature:

When you buy the Braun Series 5, keep in mind that you will not get the travel pouch in the pack. But, it has the feature of a convenient travel lock.

Clean & Charge station:

A Clean & Charge station comes with the pack. It works to hygienically cleans the shaver. Further, it’s responsible for lubricating and drying the electric shaver with the help of an alcohol-based solution.

Braun Series 5 comes with a warranty for two years.

A Great product:

You can not find any flaw in this shaver easily. Even if you do not get the pouch, it’s the best performing product.

You can easily ignore the missing travel pouch when you have so many great features that come with this shaver.

  • 8 direction flexible head
  • Fully waterproof with wet/dry feature
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • You can use it while it’s charging
  • A bit loud with intense vibrations
  • won’t give a very close shave
Check Braun Series 5 on Amazon


5. Panasonic Arc 3 ES8103S:


The Panasonic Arc 3 ES8103S is one of its kind. Being on our list of best foil shavers, it comes with some advanced features and great performance.

Powerful machine:

It has got a built-in powerful motor and sharp blades. Moreover, good built quality along with an affordable price makes it a worthy product.

Panasonic has launched this model of ES8103S back in 2008. Since then, it’s been high in demand.

By doing a great business, it’s a relevant product until today.


The features of ES8103S are the ones that have made it a successful and worth buying product.

It’s one of the most successful models of Panasonic. The ES8103S is an entry-level electric shaver of Panasonic having a foil shaving system inside.

Three shaving elements:

There are three shaving elements inside this shaver. The 3-blade foil shaver setup makes it a unique product, then there are two outer foils with a single slit trimmer.

Foil elements can cut hair extremely close to the skin. Especially the middle trimmer has wider slots in it. In addition, it’s made in such a way that it can cut longer hair and can trim them in a more appropriate length.

Further, the two foils work on the remaining stubble and give you a flawless, smooth shave.

Stainless steel foil covers:

There are holes in the foil covers made from stainless steel, which covers the blade, they have a lightly arched profile. Panasonic has named it a multi-fit arc foil.

Its design is made in such a way that it can efficiently and comfortably perform a smooth shave. It follows the facial contours efficiently.

30 Degrees nano blades:

Panasonic develops its latest shavers with a 30-degree nano-blades trademark. Their function is to cut the beard hair efficiently in a smooth way. By using it, you won’t yank your hair anymore.

There are actually two nano blades instead of three. The third blade is actually the middle slit trimmer.

Panasonic’s aggressive 30 degrees nano blades are a truly remarkable feature. Moreover, these blades undoubtedly make it one of the best products in the electric shaver industry.

13,000 CPM linear drive motor:

Thirteen thousand cycles per minute is its unique feature that is giving strength and power to this shaver. This system allows the blades to move faster in a counter-directional manner. In simple words, they move in opposite directions, which results in less noise, it reduces vibrations as well.

Pivoting shaving head:

The pivoting shaving head of the Panasonic Arc 3 ES8103S operates in a way that allows the shaver’s head to move in both vertical and sideway directions.

You can Lock the head:

Another remarkable feature is that you can simply lock the shaver’s head with the help of a switch on the shaver. Using this feature can surely shave tricky areas more precisely.


You can use this product while taking a bath. It is completely waterproof. You can use it for dry or wet shaving. You can safely use it with any shaving cream or gel.


Almost all the latest electric shavers are cordless these days and the same is the case with the Panasonic Arc 3 ES8103S. However, you can only use it cordless. It means that you can not use it when it is plugged in or being charged which is kind of a downside in my opinion.

Therefore, don’t forget to charge it once the charging is low. Otherwise, you may not be able to use it when the battery is dead.

From the safety point of view, it is definitely not a good idea to have an option to use the electric shaver while taking a shower when it’s plugged in. Therefore, most of the brands don’t have this option due to safety reasons.

Quick charge option:

Meanwhile, Panasonic gives you the option of quick-charge. In which you can charge your device in a few minutes. This will allow you to shave for 5 minutes.

Once the battery is 100% charged which takes around an hour, you may use it for about 45 minutes.

LED Display:

The LED display indicates the level of battery power left in your shaver. It also holds the notification option, which indicates when you should clean the shaver. It can be considered one of the most useful features of the Panasonic Arc 3 ES8103S shaver.

  • Good shaver for a very close shave
  • For both Wet and dry use
  • Powerful motor
  • Pop-up trimmer is quite decent
  • Travel lock is missing
  • Wont be able to use it while it’s charging
Check Panasonic Arc 3 on Amazon


6. Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s:


The Braun’s Series 3 ProSkin range shaver has set its position strongly in the most affordable shavers list.

It’s the successor of the highly popular 340s-4. By maintaining the cost and features, it has become one of the best foil shavers.

Braun’s Series 3 ProSkin is available worldwide. It has become the great choice of the ProSkin range now.

Now, let’s talk about the performance of this product, how it works, and the level to which you can benefit from it. We are going to provide you a sure short review of this product.

Let’s find out more about its features.

Three-blade setup:

The 3040s is from Series 3 ProSkin Wet & dry razors. It’s neither quite expensive nor very cheap. As far as the price and features are concerned, the Braun’s Series 3 ProSkin 3040s got its place in the middle.

Braun’s shaver has a three-blade setup. It has got two outer foils, they serve the purpose of cutting the stubble closely. At the same time, the middle trimmer takes care of the longer facial hairs.


A micro-comb had been placed in the middle which helps to capture more hair in a first go.

All three cutting elements move separately. The foils and blades are put together as a single part so that you can easily buy and replace them whenever needed.

LED indicator:

A 3-level LED indicator is used to inform the battery status. It shows you when to charge your shaver.

Cordless usage:

Like all other modern shavers, you can use Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s without cords only.

Quick charge:

You can always charge it quickly with the option of a quick charge system.


This shaver is hundred percent waterproof. You can always use it while in the shower or shave it with a gel or foam.

It is no doubt a basic and simple foil razor that serves you with a good shaving experience.

When you hold the razor for the very first time in your hands, you’ll instantly feel its great design and weight.

The nice blue-colored rubber in the shaver is meant to give you a strong grip. Its handling has been made more secure with it even when your hands are slippery by shaving gel or water.

Battery life:

The Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s has a Ni-Mh rechargeable battery. It will provide you with a 45 minutes battery time. A charger and a straight cord are present in the pack to charge it.

The dry shaving experience with Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s is not bad, but wet shaving with Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s has leveled up the enjoyable close shave experience.

Most men like to have a dry shave because it saves a lot of time and it’s not messy as well. However, there are men who like to use lather, foam and prefer to enjoy wet shaving.

If you are among the later ones, then buying Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s is a must. you may simply use your favorite gel or cream while shaving.

Cleaning the razor:

Healthy maintenance of your razor should be your priority. Unfortunately, there isn’t any cleaning station provided with this model by the company. But, of course, you can always clean it manually. It’s not that difficult, though. It’s pretty much easier to do.

If you always go for a dry shave, you have to remove its head. Find a flat surface where you can tap the hair clippings out.

A brush is also given for manual cleaning. Use it to get rid of the hair clippings and debris. They are sometimes stuck in the inner side of the shaver’s head.

You should never use the brush on inner blades or foils. It can severely damage them.

To do a more thorough cleaning of your shaver, rinse its parts under the running tap water.

it’s also good if you clean the shaver with warm water and use some liquid soap to remove older debris from the foils and blades.

  • Comfortable and close shave
  • Very good built quality
  • You can have both wet & dry shaving
  • inexpensive shaver
  • No Travel pouch with the shaver
  • Little noisy
Check Braun Series 3 ProSkin on Amazon


What are the Important Benefits of Foil Shavers?

All the models of foil shavers are different in functionality as compared to rotary shavers. However, both types of shavers (foil and rotary) can be perfect, it mainly depends on the user’s preference.

Below we will highlight a few of the significant advantages of foil shavers for the users:

1. Easy to Use

The reason why foil shavers are extremely popular is due to their convenience for beginners. They do have a slight learning curve, and hence you can use it without any formal instruction and with little practice.

Compared to other complex tools for shaving, including straight razors, the foil shaver is known to be the easiest. It is less risky for those who have just started shaving.

2. Requires Fewer Preparation

There is no need to make any extra preparation before using electric foil shavers, unlike a manual razor, while using a manual razor you need to have a great quality razor with a rich lather and you need water to rinse. Hence, you can use the foil shaver dry with minimal preparation and use a few products. There is no need to buy extra tools or do special planning for using a foil shaver.

3. Zero Chance of Nicks or Cuts

In certain cases, the user may experience skin irritation. However, while using a foil shaver the chances are very low to get nicks or cuts. Because of the screened design, the skin will be protected from getting into contact with the blade directly. These shavers work best for men with sensitive skin.

4. Closest Shaving Experience

Another best thing about foil shavers is that they offer the closest shave. This makes this tool excellent for sensitive skin and coarse facial skin. When using foil shavers, it is clear that you will receive great results. This is all because of the micro-foil, which is an integral part of it and is extremely thin.

However, the metal combs installed inside the rotary razors are thicker, and they often work as an obstacle between the skin and the blade. As much thinner the barrier will be, the better and closer shave you will have.

There’s no doubt you will find men who prefer using rotary shavers over foil shavers and get excellent results and that is completely fine. Since everyone has different skin types and preferences.

5. Excellent For Sensitive Skin

This is another primary reason why the use of foil shavers is becoming prevalent. It works best for the skin which is sensitive and is prone to some irritation.

Some rotary shavers, such as those which do not belong to the high-end category might pull the facial hairs and often cause irritation. If you have a bit of sensitive skin, then choosing the foil shaver is the best recommendation. You need to be careful with the selection of the electric shaver according to your skin type.

Old age individuals tend to have more sensitive skin as compared to young men, therefore, they must choose electric shavers that are best for elderly men. There’s no doubt that foil shavers are best for older men.

6. Foil Shaver is Great For Detailing and Touchups

If we talk about foil shavers, they are always best for detailing and touch-up work. With the help of a straight edge, you will have complete control over your shave when using it on tricky areas. This includes either goatee or sideburns.

The strokes with foil shavers are quite short and straight which allows more control and precision as compared to the rotary shaver in which the user moves the shaver in a circular motion on the face.

All the models of foil shavers work in a straightforward manner which makes it perfect for beginners.

What are the Disadvantages of Using a Foil Shaver?

Every great thing introduced in the market has benefits. But on the same side, it has some drawbacks as well. And due to some disadvantages, some people avoid using electric foil shavers.

7. It’s Quite Easier to Clean a Foil Shaver Manually

If you want your shaver to last longer, it is essential to perform the proper cleaning, sanitization, and lubrication of your electric razor. This needs to be done regularly.

Some of the shavers are available with the cleaning stations, which are incredibly helpful. But some are not so good in performance, so you need to be careful with your selection.

The cost of the electric shaver goes up if it comes with a cleaning unit and in that case, you have the option to manually clean the electric razor.

If your shaver doesn’t have a cleaning unit and if you want to clean it regularly, then choosing the option of manual cleaning is the best.

It is mandatory to give your rotary razor a regular cleaning at least twice a week. You have to clean it thoroughly, the top shaving heads need to be separated and each cutter is cleaned separately.

It’s a bit of a time-consuming task and you must not mix up the pairs of cutters and combs since it can affect the shaver’s performance.

For most foil shavers, the process of manual cleaning is relatively straightforward and easy. You need to imply some liquid soap and rinse it with hot water. Some foil shavers are easy to clean and maintain.

For instance, when we talk about Remington and Panasonic shavers, you can properly clean them by separating their foils’ inner blades which allows complete access that makes the cleaning process a lot easier.

Whereas the Braun utilizes sort of cassettes along with the foils and blades which don’t allow too much access making it difficult to clean manually.

The advanced models of Braun shavers come with a more complex blade and foil system, therefore, it’s best to have a cleaning station if you choose the high-end model of a Braun shaver.

A few major disadvantages of a foil shaver are discussed below:

1. Low on Precision

Due to the screened design and bulky shaving head, you will find that the foil shaver is a bit less precise. In case your facial hair requires more detailing, then you will find yourself to be after a manual razor.

2. Not a Very Close Shaving Experience

Foil shaver performs the task of shaving at its best. But when it comes to close shave, it might be complex for some men. Since it has a particular barrier between the facial skin and blades.

Since it has a particular barrier between the facial skin and blades, the foil shaver is certainly not able to provide as much closer shave as compared to that of a manual razor.

Some of the men do not pay heed to attention. All they care is about the fuzz, and that’s it! But some of the men are fond of getting a shave that is smooth like butter and believe that the foil shaver is not as good in terms of performance as a manual razor.

3. You May Experience Some Irritation

There’s no doubt that foil shavers perform better as compared to rotary shavers if you have sensitive skin. However, In certain cases, you might experience a sort of irritation on your skin while using foil shavers. This is quite common when you are using it on extremely sensitive skin.

Using it regularly can also cause bumps, razor burns, or irritation. Hence, the perforated foil that helps to protect the razor blades of the foil shaver is perfectly designed in preventing any cuts or irritation. However. it might irritate by trapping the tiny bits of skin.

4. It Can Be a Bit Noisier

If you do not want to wake up or disturb your partner in the morning, an electric shaver is not the right choice for you. While you are using a foil shaver, it might get a little noisy. This is all due to the rapid movement of blades and motor. To have a silent and discreet shaver, try to opt for the traditional shaver.

Foil Shaver comes in a wide range of brands and models

The only reliable brand for a rotary shaver in my opinion is Philips Norelco. Whereas if you search around, you will find foil shavers available in various different models and brands such as Braun, Panasonic, Remington, Andis, and Wahl.

How to select the best foil shaver

Foil shavers can be different from each other. Some focus on providing a closer shave while others are best for detailing purposes.

Let’s have a look at some tips that you must consider you want to buy a foil shaver.

1. Size of Shaver Head & The Ability to Flex

The next most important consideration is the flexibility and size of the shaver head. Razors with larger heads normally allow a maximum number of blades and a high level of efficiency. But they might find it complex to reach some narrow and smaller areas such as below the nose.

As much bigger the head will be, the shaver will not be that much flexible. As regards to the shavers having smaller heads, it might require more effort to shave larger areas. But it will allow a closer shave for the difficult areas such as around the nose.

2. The Type of Foil Used in The Shaver

Some of the foil razor models are available with various types of foils. The majority of the razors are available with a single standard foil, and the second one is designed to pick those hairs which are left behind. This is because the hair is growing in several directions.

The finishing foil is accountable for cutting the hair, which is extremely close to the skin. This will eventually give the whole shave a fine and excellent look. Those shavers which are having finishing foils are best for the smooth shave. But most of the time, it might fall behind while capturing stubborn or long hairs.

If you’re the one who shaves on daily basis or if you have little beard hair, then selecting a foil shaver that comes with a finishing foil is going to be a great choice.

3. Speed of The Motor

As we talk about the electric shavers, try to look for the ones with bigger motor sizes. A larger motor means extra fun and luxurious results. The speed of the shaver motor is measured in CPM, which is Cycle Per Minute. Most of the shavers have a CPM which is around 10,000 to 15,000.

Hence, choosing a shaver model of a higher-powered motor will give you a smoother and effortless shaving experience.

4. Pop-up Trimmer

Almost all good electric shavers have this feature of Pop-up Trimmer which is quite handy to shape up the beard. It’s also best to style the mustaches and sideburn.

5. Being Lightweight and Portable

Another important tip is the nature of being portable and lightweight, making it easy for you to take it with you even on travel. Lightweight will help you to do the shaving smoothly.

6. Which One to Choose? (Corded or Cordless)

Have you ever imagined what will happen if your shaver runs out of battery when you need it the most? the biggest advantage of the corded electric shaver is that you don’t have to worry about charging the shaver or being concerned about the level of charge left.

Most of the rechargeable shavers can run for around 50 to 60 minutes with a full battery. Some of the high-end electric razors have the option that indicates the level of battery charge and indicates you if the shaver is low on battery which is quite useful.

But for some of the users, this certain duration is not enough. It is always preferred to look for the shaver model which can run for long years and that too without any hassle.

If you think that the corded feature is not that important, then choosing a cordless shaver should be your first choice. The main purpose of using such shavers is their high mobility which makes it extremely demanding.

In between the comparison of corded and cordless models, you will find some shavers with both corded and cordless functions which I believe are the best ones.

6. Wet and Dry Option

If the foil shaver is waterproof, it’s easier for you to clean and maintain it, you can simply rinse it under the running tap water which makes the cleaning process a lot simple and easy.

A foil shaver with a wet and dry option allows you to use the shaver in the shower. This type of shaver can simply be used with shaving cream or gel.

You must keep in mind that you won’t find the waterproof and wet/dry feature in every foil shaver that you find. There are foil shavers that are only designed to be used dry which means you cannot use them with water or shaving cream.

There’s no doubt that wet and dry shaver adds more versatility. However, It all depends on your choice whether you prefer just a dry shave or you like to have both wet and dry features in your foil shaver.

How to clean & maintain a foil shaver?

When someone buys a foil shaver, the first question comes to mind: how to clean it?

Now, Let’s dig into the details of the cleaning ways of your foil shavers.

Well, you will have to clean the shaver after each use. Rotary shavers are not that easy to clean up as compared to Foil shavers. The maintenance process of some foil shavers can be complex. But, most of the foil shavers are very easy to get cleaned up.

You can not buy a good electric shaver at a cheap price. If you are planning to buy an electric razor, you must be aware of its cleaning requirements since you will have to clean it properly after each use.

Therefore, if you think that cleaning a shaver manually can be tedious, then you must choose the one that comes with a cleaning station.

On purchasing a high-end foil shaver, you are usually provided with a cleaning station. Through which the cleaning and lubricating process are done automatically.

There are two methods for cleaning a foil shaver.

1. cleaning station
2. manual cleaning

1. Cleaning Station For a Foil Shaver:

The majority of the foil shavers require cleaning manually. At the same time, some of them are equipped with cleaning stations. These stations are dedicated entirely to clean up your shaver after you finish using it.

The shaver brands provide the details of the cleaning process in the product’s user manual. It’s best to follow those steps, it will be quite beneficial for you and you will be safe from facing any difficulties.

Suppose you haven’t checked the cleaning process and bought something beyond your ability to clean up. An electric razor that has complex steps in cleaning will make you feel regret spending so much money on that particular product.

Be very careful when selecting an electric shaver, make sure to read the directions to operate and clean the shaver first.

The shavers having cleaning stations may have the sanitation supplies as well. The lubrication and drying function is also available in them.

On the contrary, the manual cleaning process does not have these things.

Whether you are having a cleaning station or doing it manually, you need to regularly clean and lubricate your shaver after every use.

2. Manual Cleaning:

Manual cleaning can be a simple process if the electric shaver is waterproof.  Just take a soft toothbrush, or any small-sized brush, tap water, and a small amount of lubricant.

Then, remove the guard and get rid of the excess hair from the foil. Stubborn hair can still be stuck to the foil and must be removed before going further. If you need to blow it with pressure, use a can of air blower for this purpose.

This is a regular practice worldwide but always look for the instructions provided by the manufacturer. The shaver’s instruction manual contains all the important protocols and maintenance methods in detail. Always read the instruction manual for better performance of the electric shaver.

FAQs On Foil Shaver

1. Is foil shaver better for sensitive skin?

Normally a good quality foil shaver is an ideal choice if you have sensitive skin because it prevents you from nicks, cuts, and/or razor burn. It doesn’t mean that you will get a 100% irritation-free shave with foil shavers but it’s seen that they are gentle on sensitive skin.    

2. Do foil shavers pull hair?

If your foil shaver pulls hair from day 1, then you need to check the quality of your electric shaver, the low-quality shavers come with a weak motor and dull blades that can cause the shaver to pull the hair. You must also know that with the passage of time the blades of the shaver are worn out and become dull and needs to be replaced. 

3. Do foil shavers give a close shave?

The foil shaver won’t provide as much closer shave as a manual or safety razor but if you want a hassle-free shave then foil shaver is not a bad choice especially if you have sensitive skin because it will also prevent you from nicks and cuts which is quite normal with a manual razor. 

4. Can a foil shaver be used for both wet and dry use?

All the Foil shavers have the basic functionality of dry shave and many good foil shavers come with an option to have a wet shave. You can use a foil shaver while you are taking a bath. Also, you can use it with soap. Your only concern should be to check its waterproof reliability.

If there is the label “Wet&Dry” in the advertisement, it can be used even when taking a shower. Even you can use it underwater. Moreover, you can use shaving cream or gel as well. Moreover, their cleaning process is also the easiest. You won’t regret buying a foil shaver for your daily routine usage.

5. How often should I change the foil shaver blades?

There is a time for everything to get worn out and be replaced by something else. The rule is the same for an electric shaver as well, maintenance and replacement are crucial for electric razors. Before you decide to buy a foil shaver you must make sure where you can easily buy replacement blades from. Most brands suggest replacing the foils every 12-18 months. If you shave every day and your facial hair is thicker, then you need to replace the foils more frequently. 

You can get the indication to replace the foils when the shaving performance is not as good as it was before or if it takes more time to shave. If you’re getting these indications, it means that it’s time to replace the foils and blades of the shaver and it doesn’t really matter whether you have reached the twelve-month mark or not.

When it comes to changing the blades inside the foil shaver, you can buy a new replacement foil or you may have them already given by the shaver’s company. Since some models have the replacement foils within their pack.
If you don’t get it in the pack, don’t hesitate to buy one and replace the razor.

6. How to replace the foils and blades of your shaver?

Foil shavers can be differentiated according to their models. Each model has its type of foil and blades within it. Likewise, the quality, strength, and characteristics are also different. The company will provide you with an instruction manual when you buy any foil shaver. That’s why, when you want to replace the blades within the foil shaver, you have to follow the instruction manual.

Usually, you will have to pop off the shaver’s head along with the foil. You will detach it from the shaver itself. Then, you need to adjust the cutter and finally attach a new foil.

Closing Comments

I hope that I have covered almost every point and aspect that is necessary to select a good foil shaver and it’s going to be quite helpful for you to make the right decision. So keep these points in mind while purchasing a suitable shaver. We have guided you honestly, now it’s up to you which one do you choose.

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