Braun Series 3 380S 4 Wet and Dry Shaver Review

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Last Updated on July 16, 2022 by Danish M

The Braun Series 3 380s 4 cordless electric shaver gives a great value for its price. It’s out there in stores and can be utilized both dry as well as wet. Its casing is available in a gorgeous black and blue design. One good thing to be highlighted about the Braun 380s 4 Shaver is that it guarantees to get the facial skin clean and smooth even after skipping shave on weekend.

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Braun 3Series 380s 4 Electric Shaver Performance & Features

Like other electric razors available in the market, Braun Series 3 380s 4 Shaver can be utilized both wet or dry, with water, soap, and shaving gels and lotions, to offer a clean and smooth shaving experience.

It additionally has skin conditioners that are built-in, in case you plan not on utilizing any extra product. This foil shaver provides excellent shaving precision, even while you haven’t shaved for a couple of days. The “SensoFoil” technology makes the foil glide throughout your facial skin, to cut back razor burn, and give quick shaving early in the morning.

Braun 380s 4 is an effective shaving system as compared to other cordless electric razors available in stores right now.

The Braun 3Series 380S 4 Wet and Dry Shaver has a linear-style foil cutter, instead of being a rotary type razor. The 3 cutting blades won’t just shave small hair but also cut lengthy hair properly.

A particular precision built-in lengthy hair trimmer will trim lengthy beards, sideburns, mustaches, as well as a goatee so that you don’t have to purchase a separate trimmer for that. The foil inside the Braun Series 3 380s 4 Shaver protects the facial skin from irritation and keeps the blade from getting too close to your facial skin.

It’s easy to clean and keep the Braun 3Series 380S 4 Wet and Dry Shaver. Just wash it straight in the running water. It’s a hundred percent waterproof, you can take it along with you in the bath, it really works completely fine in that way too. Braun 380s 4 has a properly sealed body, and in that way, water won’t get inside the device.

If you like to be sure that you want to have the smoothest, cleanest shaving experience, you should definitely comply with these directions. For the excellent shaving experience, it is suggested that you must shave before you wash your face or if you are taking a bath then it’s better that you shave 1st.

While shaving, hold Braun 380s 4 shaver in your hand at an angle of 90 degree or right angle to your face. Stretch your facial skin using your fingers, and move the razor towards the direction of growth of hair. In case you haven’t shaved for a couple of days, you then have to get rid of stubble 1st.

The Braun 3Series 380S 4 Wet and Dry Shaver has a power adapter that is detachable, so you’ll be able to charge up the battery of your Braun 380s 4 Shaver whenever you want to.

It comes with a built-in rechargeable battery with the most recent technology, so it will not go through the “memory effects” that batteries used to experience during the 90s. Braun 3series 380s 4 Shaver will keep on powering up till normal range even after years of repeated charging. Its battery is a strong Ni-MH battery.

The Braun electric shaver guarantees to provide the most recent electric razor engineering in a strong, long-lasting mechanical body. Braun 380s 4 Shaver is durable and will last longer for a number of years, if you want to last longer you need to keep it clean and change the cutting blade and foil a minimum of once in 18 months.

Avoid dropping it on the ground as well. The Braun Series 3 380s 4 Shaver does not make any noise, therefore, it could possibly be a bonus if you don’t wish to wake others up in your household early in the morning.

A small LED screen will show your battery levels, indicating when you might want to plug your shaver again in order to recharge. There may be additionally a helpful charging status on the LED screen, so you’ll be able to see how much charge or battery is left.

If you’ll order your Braun 3Series 380S-4 you may get the following in your delivery box: The Braun 3Series 380S-4 cordless electric shaver, a cleansing brush, a SmartPlug (100V-240V) energy adaptor, and a handy protective pouch. There are additional accessories available to buy. It is advisable to change the blades and foil every 18 months, for better performance and durability.

There’s even a useful warning on the LED display screen to indicate when it’s time to change your blades and foils.

Braun Series 3 380s 4 Electric Razor is a little heavier than most at 1.2 pounds; however, its stable state ensures to shave rapidly and easily, it doesn’t matter what stage your beard is at. Apart from the added weight, there’s additionally no included plastic covering for the protection of the shaver.

There’s a protective pouch provided with the kit, so you can carry your electric razor with you anywhere you go.

Braun makes sure that its products may arrive in great condition, along with a 2-year warranty.

Final Views On Braun 380s 4 Electric Shaver

Braun 3Series 380S 4 Wet and Dry Shaver is perfect for individuals who might neglect to shave for a day or 2. It’s definitely really useful for individuals who’ve rough and thick to shave facial hair or beard. The electric razor will make quickly and smoothly cut a 2 to 3 days old beard, it is so simple and easy to use that using it will give you a great shaving experience that is worth its cost.

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  1. Yes! Braun Series 3 is a very good shaver series available at some low price. In the Braun series 3, I think Braun series 3 pro skin best. it has some amazing types of feature, but it looks like a little older model. what do you think?

    • Braun shavers are one of the best and there’s no doubt that Braun Series 3 380S is a great shaver but I personally like Braun Series 7-790cc and Braun Series 9 9095cc

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