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  1. Hi Veronica, glad to hear that you liked this guide, I would be happy to help you out in selecting the right shaver for your guy, as you’ve mentioned that he has tough facial and head hair, so it would be good to choose a Rotary Shaver since rotary shavers are best to deal with the rough and coarse hair type, whereas the foil shaver is great for sensitive skin type.

    You may check out our guides on the best rotary shavers here and the best foil shavers here.

    I would prefer using separate shavers and trimmers for your face and groin areas due to hygiene reasons.

    I would recommend Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series 7000 which is on our number one list of body groomers since it’s specially designed for the groin area and it has got both shaver and trimmer options.

  2. Blackheads on scrotum are caused by clogged pores and the best way to get rid of them is by keeping your scrotum and pubic area clean since hygiene is the key and definitely that includes trimming those hairs on the balls and pubic area. Warm compresses also help and you may see improvements in a few months.

  3. Hi Larry, thank you for posting a comment, you need to first identify whether they are really blackheads or black spots on your scrotum. It’s always best to consult a dermatologist before trying any home remedy to fix the problem.

  4. Thanks Zennat. Glad to know you liked it 🙂

  5. When the skin of your scrotum is tight, the chances of cuts are higher since the skin of the scrotum becomes uneven and it’s quite obvious that you need to pull the skin of your balls to get the job done. Therefore, it’s suggested to follow the above steps to shave your balls in a proper manner.

  6. Hi, Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Shaver is specifically designed to take care of your back hair, there’s no doubt that it’s a great shaver to easily shave your back. 🙂

  7. Hi Roger, You can buy it from Amazon

  8. Hi Alex, thanks for the comment, I believe that you’re talking about Panasonic ER-GN30-K which is both nose and ear hair trimmer, as we age, we grow more hair in the nose as well in the ear, therefore, some people use it more often which can cause the blade to become dull but if you don’t use it quite often, then it is possible that the blades may last longer.

    It’s right that both the replacement blade and the Panasonic ER-GN30-K Nose Hair trimmer are of the same price and I would suggest that if the blade becomes dull or if it is damaged, then it’s better to buy a new trimmer instead of buying a replacement blade.

  9. Braun shavers are one of the best and there’s no doubt that Braun Series 3 380S is a great shaver but I personally like Braun Series 7-790cc and Braun Series 9 9095cc

  10. Hi, If your pubes are too long and you find it difficult to trim your pubic hair, then you may try using a good body groomer which is quite safe to use and has different length settings that allow you to adjust the trimmer according to the length of the hair. You may find the list of top manscaping trimmers for pubes here

  11. Yes, I personally prefer Braun shavers since Braun makes one of the best foil shavers and you must go for the one that comes with both wet and dry features so that you may easily use it with shaving gel or shaving cream.

  12. Hi SimonG,

    As per the details that you’ve provided, you seem to have sensitive skin and it is good that you avoid using a manual razor.

    1. If you are using a beard trimmer you must always use it with a guard comb which will prevent any tugging and pulling that may cause irritation or rashes.

    2. You may also go for a foil shaver since it is the best for sensitive skin and must avoid using rotary shaver since it’s specifically designed for heavy beard and thick facial hair.

    3. Braun Series 7-790cc is the best foil shaver for sensitive skin but it does not have a wet shave feature, Braun series 9 comes with both wet & dry features that will allow you to have a wet shave using shaving foam or gel.

    4. You may also check out the top electric shavers list here.

    5. You may also check out this article on how to shave with an electric shaver without irritation here.

  13. Hello, I’ve just added the Pros and Cons for the listed beard trimmers upon your request.

  14. Hi Colin, We have added the list of top beard trimmers here

  15. We will soon going to add the list of top trimmers and thank you for liking our list 🙂

  16. Hi Ers, glad that you liked this article. 🙂 I like to suggest you 2 hair clippers that are great, for kids.
    1. Wahl Clipper Color Pro Cordless Rechargeable Hair Clippers For Women, Men, Kids, and Babies
    2. Wowax Cordless Hair Clipper for Baby Boys Kids

  17. Hello Caitlin, glad to know that you liked the article. 🙂

  18. The Remington HF9000 Heritage is a good shaver, it comes with a USB charging system that is quite convenient for you to charge anywhere around the world. It also allows wet or dry shaving. You can easily clean it since it’s 100% waterproof.

    In order to get a close shave with the Remington HF9000 Heritage, you might need multiple passes. It is also missing the LCD display feature.

  19. Great to know that you liked our reviews ?

  20. If you are referring to cleaning cartridges, the shaver comes with 1 cartridge.

  21. A full charge takes up to 8 hours and gives around 50 minutes of shaving time.

  22. Absolutely right.

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