The Most Common Shaving Mistakes While Using Electric Shavers

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Last Updated on January 28, 2024 by Danish M

Are you Making these 9 Mistakes with Your Electric Shave?

The electric shaver is a great invention that has made shaving quicker and easier. But, there are some mistakes that many people are making with their electric shaver.

Let’s go through the most common electric shaving mistakes that people make.

Mistake #1 – Choosing the Wrong electric shaver

Choosing the wrong electric shaver can be a costly mistake. To find the right one for you, it’s important to know what kind of shaving you need.

Electric Shaving Mistakes

The first step is to decide whether you want a rotary or foil shaver. Rotary shavers are best for men with thick facial hair. Foil shavers are best for men with light facial hair and sensitive skin.

If you have thick facial hair, your skin is sensitive, and you’re looking for a quick shave, a foil razor might be your best bet. If your facial hair is thick or sparse and your skin is not sensitive, then a rotary razor might be the better choice.

Mistake #2 – Not changing the blades or foil after a year

Blades and foils can wear out over time, so it’s important to change them at least once every year for optimal results.

Mistake #3 – Not lubricating the blades of your electric shaver

Lubricating the blades of your electric shaver will make it last longer. You should also clean the blades and make sure they are dry before you start to use them.

If you don’t lubricate the blades of your electric razor, they will get clogged up with hair and start to wear out faster.

Mistake #4 – Shaving against the grain

This is a common mistake that most people make. They think that if they shave against the grain, then it will give them a closer shave and leave their skin smoother.

It’s true that It’s a bit difficult to get a closer shave with an electric shaver as compared to a manual razor. Therefore, the electric shaver brands recommend shaving against the grain to achieve a closer shave.

They say, unlike a manual razor, you can move the electric shaver in both forward and backward directions since the blades are covered behind the foil and do not directly touch the skin.

In reality, shaving against the grain can cause irritation and ingrown hairs. You should only shave in one direction with any razor if you’re a beginner and you’re unaware of your skin type. Sensitive skin type is more likely to get skin irritation and razor bumps.

Shaving against the grain is when the razor blade is pushed in the opposite direction of hair growth. This can be particularly useful for thick and coarse hair and for shaving difficult areas or where hair tends to grow closer to the skin.

If you have thick or coarse hair and it’s difficult to achieve a closer shave, then you may shave against the grain. If you’re shaving for the first time, you must avoid shaving against the grain unless you get to know your skin type and the type of beard hair (thick or light) you have.

Mistake #5 – Using too much pressure

Too much pressure can lead to cuts and nicks, so be sure not to press too hard when shaving with an electric shaver.

Mistake #6 – Ignoring the importance of a pre-electric lotion

A pre-electric lotion is a type of lotion that should be applied before the electric shaver. There are many types of pre-electric lotions available in the market.

Some people believe that a pre-electric lotion is not necessary and that it’s just an expensive way to buy more products. The truth is, a pre-electric lotion will help you get the best shave possible.

Pre-electric lotions can help your razor glide smoothly over your skin and cut hair cleanly without any pulling or tugging on your skin. They also contain ingredients like Aloe Vera, which will soothe your skin after shaving.

Mistake #7 – Not using a shaving gel or cream

If you have sensitive skin and your electric shaver has an option of wet shaving, then you must definitely give it a try.

I can totally understand that it goes against the whole idea of having an electric shaver but if it helps to improve your shaving experience then why not go for it.

A good shave starts with a good lather, so make sure you use plenty of gel or cream before you start shaving.

Mistake #8 – Not Keeping Your Blades Clean & Dry

Another mistake people make is not cleaning the blades of their electric shaver after every use. This can lead to bacteria buildup on the blade which can cause skin irritation and even infection in some cases.

Therefore, keeping your blades clean and dry is a crucial step in maintaining your safety.

Mistake #9 – Leaving Skin Dry After Shaving 

A common mistake that people make when they shave is to leave their skin dry after shaving. This can lead to a lot of skin problems like razor burn, ingrown hair, dryness, and inflammation.

The first step in avoiding these issues is to use a good quality shaving cream or soap that creates a protective layer between the blade and your skin. This will help prevent any irritation from happening and will also soften the hair for an easier shave.

The second step is to use a moisturizing aftershave balm or lotion on your skin after you finish shaving. These products will help seal in moisture and prevent any further drying of the skin.

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