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Top Best Electric Shavers 2018 For Him

Each year we see new innovation in the world of electric razors made by well-known brands. However, new innovations sometimes result in nothing but a marketing trick; therefore, it is a bit difficult to find a good electric shaver. Without a thorough research, purchasing a brand new electric shaver becomes a huge mistake, regardless of the claims made by the manufacturers. But we will help you pick the best electric shaver as per your needs and wants.

Everyone has a different facial skin as well as facial hair with different contours. This is the main reason why it becomes quite difficult to determine the right razor. However, there are certain electric shavers that will provide you the best close shaving experience. Those electric razors have constantly proven as a perfect selection by a majority of men who use electric shavers.

How To Select The Best Electric Shaver

These days we have got so many brands of electric razors to choose from and it’s a human psychology that too many options make us more confused and it becomes difficult to select a good electric shaver that fits your needs and wants.

Having so many brands of shavers we also have got different models having 2, 3 or more blades, wet or dry features, different types of heads and their movements that adjust with the contour of your face and we also have rotary and foil styles shavers that are also needed to be explained. With all these confusing features and claims that these all the brands make can give you a tough time in choosing the right shaver for yourself.

Our Grooming experts select the best electric shavers after doing a thorough research and testing. Selecting a good electric shaver comprises of a number of factors like closer and comfortable shave, look and feel of the shaver, ergonomics, pricing, and durability.

After going through all the above factors, our experts have come up with the best electric shavers Aug 2017 list. There are other websites on the web as well related to electric razors but they don’t offer this much detailed buying guide for electric shavers. After going through those websites you may still have some questions in your mind that remain unanswered like – which shaver is better rotary or foil shaver? Which one is the right shaver for you?  etc.

These are the top questions that we found users searching for most of the times and we tried to cover them in the following guide as well as in other review articles that you may find on this website.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the list of best electric shavers 2018.

Top 7 Best Electric Shavers

Braun Series 7-790cc

Braun 7-790cc is the finest electric shaver offered by Braun. It is on our top list of best electric shavers because of its great performance. The comfortable shaving experience as well closer shave that you will have with this razor is incomparable with other brands of electric shavers. It moves smoothly with the facial contours and adjusts well easily.

Braun series 7 is a foil type shaver and shaver’s head comes with 3 cutting mechanism, 2 Optifoil and one ActiveLift trimmer. The Activelift is a trimmer in the middle that is best for those difficult areas like neck and chin where the hairs lie flat and are difficult to reach and cut. The Actilift gently lifts the hair and cut it out. The other 2 Optifoils cutting system consists of tiny holes that capture the hair and gives you a closer shave ever.

This Braun shaver has Pulsonic system that makes 10,000 vibrations per minute, in this way more hairs are captured and cut easily in a single stroke. The flexible head of Braun Series 7 shaver helps to adjust easily to the contours of the face that also helps in giving you a closer and comfortable shave. It has a pop-up trimmer as well that lets you trim those sideburns, beard, and mustache.

It comes with a cleaning and charging system that is alcohol based that helps clean not just the hair but also hygienically cleans the shaver and get rid of those harmful bacterias. This shaver is best for sensitive skin since it comes with 3 personalized modes that let you adjust the modes as per the sensitivity of your skin.

The only downside about Series 7 790cc shaver is that it does not support wet and dry shaving that means you will not be able to have a wet shave. However, you can get a wet & dry feature with the advance Braun Series 7 799cc that you can have at a bit of higher price.

Overall, this shaver is up till now the best electric shaver in terms of performance and comfort and it is also packed with all the necessary features like pivoting head, great Optifoil and Actilift technology and a handy trimmer along with a cleaning and charging station makes this shaver worth the price.  Read Full Review

 Philips Norelco 9300

Philips Norelco 9300 shaver is at 2nd position on our list of best electric shavers. This is a Rotary styled Shaver having 3 shaving heads. Each shaving head is carefully designed to move in 8 variations and directions. These shaving heads move efficiently with the contours of your face capturing 20% more hairs and gently cut them off in a single stroke. The blades of this shaver come with a V-track technology that captures hair in a certain position where it is easily sliced off and helps in providing 30% more closer shave.

Philips 9300 shaver comes with wet or dry feature that allows you to have a dry as well as wet shave that means you can shave using shaving gel or cream with this shaver for more closer and comfortable shaving experience.

It has 3 personalized comfort settings that allow you to select the speed of the shaver according to your skin type like you may select the sensitive mode for a sensitive skin type and normal mode for regular use and if you don’t have time to shave and just want a faster and quicker shave then you may select faster mode to get a quick shave.

Philps Norelco 9300 razor comes with 3 attachments which are Beard Styler, Precision Trimmer, and Cleansing Brush and you just need to pull out the shaving heads to connect these attachments separately to trim your sideburns and beard and these great components make this shaver a complete styling kit.

It also comes with a smart cleaning and charging system that allows you to automatically clean and charge the shaver just by a press of a button. It cleans any stuck hair or shaving cream or gel that left inside the shaving heads without much hassle.  Read Full Review

Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV81-K

This Panasonic shaver consists of the highly effective linear motor that runs at 14000 CPM. For those men who have facial hair that is thick and they are not satisfied with other brands of electric razors then Panasonic Arc5 ES-LV81-K is the best choice. The price of this shaver is a bit higher but you will be able to have the best shaving experience after using this electric razor.

It is a foil style razor having 5 blades to give you a closer shave. It has mainly 3 types of foil, Lift-Tech Foil, Finishing Foil, Quick Combo Blade.

  • Finishing foil – It reaches those difficult areas of the face and capture those uneven thick hairs and slice them off.
  • Lift-Tech Foil – Beard grows in various different ways on the face especially if you have a heavy beard. some facial hairs are uneven and some grow flat along the facial skin. The Lift-Tech Foil lifts up those flat hairs and cut them off.
  • Quick Combo Blade – It takes care of those long facial hair by capturing them and cutting them off.

The Shaver’s head is extremely flexible and adjusts perfectly to the facial contours, especially in the neck and chin areas. This shaver comes with a cleaning and charging unit but it is extremely easy to clean this shaver even without the cleaning unit under the running tap water unlike other brands of shavers that are difficult to clean manually under the faucet and you would have to require a cleaning station to get it cleaned without hassle.

It comes with a nice handy trimmer for those final touches and it has nice blue LCD that indicates the battery charging and status as well as it will also remind you that it’s time to clean the shaver.  Read Full Review

Philips Norelco 1250X/42 SensoTouch 3D

Are you in search of the best Rotary electric shaver? If your answer is in “Yes” then Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D series is the razor that is right for you. There are people who like rotary electric razors over the foil razors and the reason is that the rotary shavers provide the right amount of pressure on the facial skin and perform better with long hair.

Philips Norelco Senso Touch 3D Shaver has the Ultra Track technology that is smart enough to capture facial hair without missing any stubble and gives you a closer and excellent shaving experience. The GyroFlex 3D pivots in all 3 directions and cut hair in those difficult areas of your face by following the facial contours.

This shaver also has the Super Lift system that gets rid of those flat hairs by simply lifting them and cutting them off. The pop-up trimmer is also embedded with the shaver so that you may easily be able to trim mustaches or sideburns.

The shaver is 100% waterproof and can be used in the shower with shaving foam or gel and makes your shaving more comfortable and without irritation. Jet cleaning system cleans and lubricate your shaver and charges it at the same time.  Read Full Review

Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc4

This Electric razor is good for individuals with not very heavy beard since this electric shaver consists of the similar motor as Arc 5 that is of  14,000 CPM but the only difference is that the Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc 4 has got 4 blades. This razor will provide you with the great shaving experience. It also makes less noise and it is also not very expensive.

This shaving machine is a foil style razor and the foils help to lift the facial hair and hold it while the 4 blades cut the whiskers and give you a close shave. Panasonic Arc4 is a wise choice if you have a sensitive skin and the flexible shaving head makes it easier for the shaver to glide smoothly against the neck and chin that results in smoother and comfortable shaving experience.

You can also shave using shaving gel or cream with this shaver in order to get a more comfortable shave. You will also receive a cleaning and charging station along with the shaver that will save you a lot of time and clean your shaver just by a press of a button.

The Global Voltage feature allows you to travel around the world without out any issues. The travel safety lock lets you carry it in the bag without being worried that the shaver will turn on by itself.  Read Full Review

Philips Norelco Shaver 4500 (AT830/46)

If you are the one who likes rotary shavers but you don’t want to spend lots of money on those expensive shavers with tons of features and want great quality and excellent shaving experience then Philips Norelco 4500 is the best electric shaver for you.

This razor has DualPrecision shaving technology is smart enough to capture and cut both long and short hair. The heads are specially designed in a way to give you a closer shave. It also has the Super Lift system that lifts the hair and cut it and makes sure that more hairs are cut in a single stroke and you don’t have to make too many passes to get the job done.

The flexible heads of the Philps AT830/46 shaver make the shaving smoother since the heads are able to stay closer to the skin which allows the shaver glides gently with the contour of your face and makes it easier for you to have a smoother shave without much irritation.

The shaver is 100% waterproof and you can have a dry shave as well as wet shaving using soap or shaving foam. The pop-up trimmer is also available for you to easily trim your sideburns and mustaches. This shaver is packed with all the major features that an expensive shaver has at an affordable price.  Read Full Review

Braun Series 3 380S-4

Those individuals who don’t like to spend lots of money on electric shavers and at the same time don’t like to compromise the efficiency of the razor, Braun Series 3 shaver is the right choice for them. You will love the performance of this electric shaver if you have got not very heavy beard. This electric razor is quite affordable and will provide you great shaving experience.

Read Full Review

Important Facts To Know Before Buying An Electric Razor

If you’re planning to buy a new electric shaver or you want to switch from manual razor to electric shaver or you are planning to change your electric shaver then you must learn the fact that a new electric shaver might take around a couple of weeks to adjust with your facial skin. As per the research, it is not known by far that why this happens. Either it is the facial skin type or the shaving machine itself. It could also be the reason that the skin gets adjusted to the new shaving device.

It is also seen that when you switch your shaver whether from manual to electric shaver or you have purchased a new electric razor, people are normally used to shave the way they have been shaving with their previous razors and overlook the user manual that comes along with the new shaver. It is always advised to read the user guide before using your new electric shaver.

Cutting the long story short, you must not be panicky if you don’t feel good or comfortable after using your new electric shaver the very first time, give your skin and your new shaver sometime to adjust. Since all major brands of electric razors offer around 30 to 60 days of trial period and you may not hesitate to request a refund if you are not satisfied but you must always give some time to both your skin and your new shaver to get used to each other.

All electric shavers brand claim that their shavers are made to give you closer and comfortable shave. But everyone has different facial skin and thickness of beard also varies from person to person. Some people have got heavy beard and some have got light beard; therefore, it is important to understand the type of shavers that you want to use. The basic function of all razors is almost same. The manual razor that consists of a single blade is the moves on the face and lift the facial hair and cut the stubble, whereas with the double blade razor, the first blade lifts the hair and the second blade cuts it and if it has the 3rd blade then it slice it even further to give you a closer shave.

The basic function of all manual razors is almost same. The manual razor that consists of a single blade moves on the face and cut the stubble and it is possible that you may need multiple strokes in order to get a closer shave. Keeping in mind that after a couple of uses the blade worn out and may require more strokes to get good results; whereas, with the double blade razor, the first blade cuts the hair and the second blade cuts it even closer as compared to a single blade razor and if the razor has 3rd or 4rth blade then they slice it even further to give you a closer shave. However, electric shavers work a bit differently.

Types Of Electric Razors.

There are mainly two types of electric shavers that are available today.

  1. Rotary Shaver
  2. Foil Shaver

Rotary Shaver

Rotary refers to spinning and it moves along the contour of the facial skin in the circular motion and the hair slides into the heads and is sliced off. This sort of circular movement helps to reach in those difficult areas like chin and neck. It is seen that rotary razors give an excellent result for cutting longer or thicker facial hair. Rotary shavers are best for those who are not fond of shaving every day even those people who have 3 days old stubble.

Foil Shaver

The head of the shave is covered by the thin sheet of foil with small holes covering the blades. Foil shaver is best if you have sensitive skin. The hair is gently captured by the holes in the foil while the blades cut the hair closely and give you a comfortable and excellent shaving experience. It’s best for individuals who shave daily and needs a closer and clean shave.


The main purpose of a trimmer is to cut the hair and not completely shave it closely like an electric shaver. Trimmer has 2 blades that move against each other and when you move the trimmer on your face or body it catches the hair between the sliding blades and cut the hair. There are mainly 2 types or Trimmers, hair trimmer, and hair clipper. They both have the same function but the only difference is the size of the blades.

Clippers deal with the longer hair and have the settings to adjust the hair length. Whereas the trimmer is designed to cut shorter hair especially in those tricky areas like the neck and the chin.

Which One To Choose Rotary or Foil Shaver?

There are many factors that come into play while selecting between rotary and foil shavers. We don’t like to set standards on who can use which type of shavers because everyone has different facial skin and different type of beard in terms of thickness and length. It also depends on the shaving style and habits. Therefore, after reading this article you may get an idea on which type of shaver will work best for you and you may always try the style of shaver (Rotary or foil) that fits your skin, facial beard and the way you shave.

Shavers that belong to the same line of series have the same cutting technology used inside. For example, all the Braun series 7 shavers will have the same technology used inside the motor for cutting hair. The only difference would be the features that would be different on various models of the same series; like Braun series 7 790CC does not have a wet and dry feature that means you cannot have a wet shave with series 7 790CC and you can only have a dry shave. However, Braun Series 7 799CC does offer a wet and dry function that means you can have both wet and dry shave with this model of Bruan shaver.

3 Most Important Factors To Know Before Choosing The Best Electric Razor

Easy to Clean

For better performance and hygiene it is necessary that you keep the electric razor clean after every use. Every electric shaver brand has different cleaning system and even the same brand of shaver comes with different features of the cleaning system.

A good electric shaver is the one that not only gives a closer or comfortable shave but it must also be easy to clean. Whether it comes with the cleaning system or not, the heads of the razor must easily be detached without any hassle or using extra force so that it is easier to remove any hair that is stuck in the blades and keep the harmful bacteria out of it.

Another significant reason to properly clean the electric shaver besides hygiene is to get the best performance. If there are hairs accumulated inside the shaver’s head then it would be difficult for the blades to perform at its best and there will be a hindrance for the blades to spin properly and this will also put more pressure on the motor that will badly affect the performance of the shaver and the durability of the electric shaver may also get affected.

These days most of the good electric shavers are 100% waterproof that makes them easier to clean since you can simply wash and clean the shaver under the running tap water without much of a hassle.

If money is not an issue then the best electric shavers that are available today in the market come with a cleaning and charging unit that makes the cleaning process more simple and easier. It not only cleans the shaver automatically but also charges it at the same time. You just need to place the electric razor inside the cleaning unit after using it and it will do the job for you and get rid of all the stuck hair from the shaver and makes it bacteria free as well.

There are also electric shavers available that come with an indicator that allows you to know when it’s time to clean the shaver.

Efficiency And Speed of the Electric Shaver

When we talk about the speed of the shaver then it refers to the RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) or CPM (Cycles Per Minute) of the motor inside the shaving machine. The faster it is the better your shaver will perform and you will require lesser strokes to get a clean and closer shave without much irritation. Buying an electric shaver having more than 11000 RPM or CPM is good.

Power Type

There are several ways an electric shaver is powered and here we will discuss few of the types that electric razor is powered with.

  1. Wired Cable: This type of electric shaver only works when a wired cable is plugged in. This type of shaver does not require you to charge the shaver but you would require a socket board for it to work.
  2. Wired Charger: In this style, you are able to charge the shaver by simply plugging the charger into the power socket. You may also be able to use the shaver while the shaver is charging.
  3. Charging Stand: In this kind power style the shaver comes with a charging stand and when you need to recharge your wireless shaver you just need to place the electric razor in the charging stand and the stand will recharge your shaver for the next use.
  4. Cleaning & Charging System: In this power style the shaver comes with a cleaning and charging unit that not only charge the shaver but also clean the heads of the shaver. You just need to place the shaver inverted on the head inside the unit and the unit will recharge the razor and clean it as well.
  5. Battery Shavers: This kind of shaver is not very common these days and operates with Double-A or Triple-A battery. These are quite convenient when you are traveling out of the country.

Why Use Electric Razor (Electric Shaver Vs Manual Razor)

We have seen a long-standing argument on the performance of manual razors vs electric shavers so we decided to do some research and write the comparison on the performance of both manual and electric razors. After conducting some research and surveys from people who have used both electric and manual razors, we were able to gather some good amount of information and we have written down those points in the form of Pros and Cons which are as follows.

PROS of Using Electric Shaver

We asked people who own electric shaver that why they prefer shaving machines over manual razors. almost 95% of them replied that they use an electric razor for faster results as it cuts hair faster as compared to manual razors. People also like electric shavers because they can carry it anywhere they like to and get a quick shave wherever they are.

Electric shavers don’t need extra products like shaving creams or foams which makes it cost effective and you also don’t require water or bathroom to shave. The best part about using an electric shaver is that you get less irritation and cuts. Shaving machine also reduces the problems related to ingrown hair.

You don’t have to change the blades quite often when it comes to using an electric shaver. Most of the foil shavers require you to replace the foil every 12 months and the blades inside are needed to be replaced every 2 years. The blades for rotary shavers are normally adviced to be replaced every 12 months. This reduces the cost in the long-run.

The electric shaver is a best friend when it comes to traveling since you can simply carry it anywhere without much hassle and it is portable enough to easily fit in your bag. If you have shaky hands then shaving with a manual razor can be difficult and can increase the risk of cuts and irritation but this problem can be eliminated with an electric shaver. You can use the shaving machine without any worries about getting cuts since the blades in the electric shavers are not in direct contact with your skin.

A good electric shaver also lets you shave without a mirror. Certain skin conditions won’t allow you to shave with a manual razor especially when you have pimples or acne. Whereas, the best electric razors with their advanced cutting technology works great with such skin conditions and provide a close and comfortable shave.

CONS of Using Electric Shaver

Electric shaver does not give super closer shave as compared to the manual razor if you are the one with medium to heavy beard. People think that shaving with electric razor requires practice overlook the fact that electric shaver is safer than shaving with a manual razor but still it can give some extent of irritation.

These days we have got some latest electric shavers of top brands that have both wet and dry shaving features but most of the shaving machines won’t come with the wet shaving technology and you may only be able to have a dry shave.

Electric shavers are required to be charged and if they are not properly charged up then the battery may die out while you are shaving. Electric razors require more attention for cleaning and maintenance; however, top brands have made the maintenance and cleaning process of electric shaver more easier and simple and shavers now come with cleaning and charging unit that not only cleans the shaver automatically but also charge it at the same time. But the cleaning and charging unit may increase the price of the shaver.

It costs more to own an Electric shaver initially as compared to a manual razor and maintenance cost is also more. but good quality electric razor of a good brand last longer and can save money too in the long run.

Manual Razor (PROS And CONS)

PROS of Using Manual Razor:

There is no doubt that Manual Razors give you the closest shave. Razor cartridges are replaced without much hassle. The cost of manual razor may increase in the long run but still, it is the most inexpensive shaving method.

CONS of Using Manual Razor:

It requires more time to shave if you are using a manual razor because it requires water and shaving products like shaving cream, foam or gel in order to get a comfortable shave and this is also an added cost. The blades of the razor get blunt or less effective after a couple of uses and are required to be replaced. Dull and blunt blades may require you to have more strokes on the face that is time-consuming and quite frustrating and can cause irritation. Shaving with manual razor causes cuts and irritation even with the brand new blades and increases the chances of ingrown hair.

Closing Comments

Shavers have been there for quite a long time and as per the research people have been shaving even in ancient times but the way of shaving has evolved over time and now the shaving is made much easier as compared to old days. People now have got more shaving options and electric shavers have made shaving much simple and safer.

Shaving is a time-consuming and boring task when you consider doing it the old-fashioned way using a manual razor. Therefore people are more inclined towards electric shavers especially if you are the one with a tight schedule and sensitive skin. A good electric shaver with better ergonomics and advanced shaving technology have not only made shaving easy but also gives you safe and comfortable shaving experience.

We constantly work for the improvement of this list and we are already working on the best electric shavers 2019 list.


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