How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs on The Face

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Last Updated on January 30, 2022 by Danish M

We all know that ingrown hairs around the facial skin are the worst enemy of most of the guys, it’s called razor bumps as well. Here we will discuss in detail how to prevent ingrown hairs on the face.

What is ingrown hair?

it’s a small bump that is red in color that appears on your face after you shave. When the hair grows under your skin, it sometimes gets curled up and blocked which is unable to come out of the skin, it’s known as ingrown hair.

How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs on The Face

What are the causes of ingrown hair?

Everyone has experienced ingrown hairs, sometimes it happens once or it may recur. the major reason for ingrown hair is the wrong way of shaving and this is the main reason why you need to rethink your shaving style and you need to know how to shave the right way.

Here’s how to get rid of ingrown hairs

1. Growing a beard will certainly going to help

That’s right, the best way to get rid of ingrown hairs is to stop shaving and growing a full beard. You can use a good beard trimmer to keep your beard look neat and even.

2. Exfoliating your facial skin before you shave

Exfoliate helps to get rid of the dead skin which can cause razor bumps by trapping the hair. All you need is a light scrub with the help of a good face scrub product that is suitable for your facial skin type.

3. Use some heat

Before you shave you may use a hot towel on your face or you can shave after taking a shower so that the pores on your face open up which helps in getting a close shave and also prevents you from getting irritation. This helps to prevent ingrown hairs.

4. Keep your shaving blades sharp and clean

Whether you use an electric shaver or a manual razor to shave you need to keep the blades sharp and it must be well cleaned each time you use it. If you’re using an electric shaver clean it on a regular basis and replace the blades when it’s required. If you use a manual razor, it’s good to replace the razor or the blades after every five shaves.

Keep in mind that sharp blades move easily as compared to blunt blades and blunt blades may cause tugs and pulls.

5. Follow the grain while shaving

It is not necessary that your beard hairs will grow in one direction, therefore, it is best to shave your beard in the direction of the hair growth.

6. Shave with warm water using a shaving gel or cream

Using shaving gel can also help in preventing your face from getting ingrown hairs. It’s good to not use the shaving foam since it may dry you out. It is also recommended to go for a wet and dry electric shaver that you can easily use in the shower.

7. It’s not a good idea to shave to close if you have ingrown hairs

If you use a manual razor then you need to avoid using it because it can cause ingrown hair problems. If you want to get a close shave experience without damaging your facial skin, then you should go for a decent electric shaver.

The cover on the blades of the electric shaver prevents the blades to get too close to your skin protecting you from nicks and cuts and it also prevents your skin from getting ingrown hairs.

8. Use a moisturizer  

Moisturize your facial skin after you shave by using a good aftershave balm to prevent your facial skin from getting ingrown hairs.

9. Leave it alone

Sometimes you don’t need to take any action to fix the ingrown hair and leave it alone for some days and observe if it resolves on its own. There is no need to squeeze the ingrown hair and don’t use your nails or any other tools to dig into it. However, if you see the hair is coming out of the skin, then you may pull it out with the help of a clean pair of tweezers.

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