How To Trim Pubic Hair Without Cutting Yourself (Manscaping Guide)

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Last Updated on February 3, 2024 by Danish M

Trimming your pubic hair down there is not as simple as trimming or shaving your face.

A simple nick or cut that you get on your face from shavers is quite bearable as compared to a nick or cut on your balls or your manhood. Shaving the pubes requires techniques that you will find out here.

Before we start guiding you on how to trim your pubic hair, let’s find out the importance to trim your pubes.

Benefits of Trimming Pubic Hair

you might always have this question in your mind – do guys shave their pubes?

This might be a new topic for men but women have been doing it for years and now men have also joined this club of trimming their pubic hair. Here’s why men are now trimming and shaving the forest down there.

  • Your Joystick looks more Visible and Bigger

When your penis is covered under layers of pubes, it is not properly visible and it also looks smaller, and the forest down there hides the actual length of your joystick. Therefore, trimming your pubic hair around your Manhood and your balls will make it look bigger and this is the very first reason why you should trim your pubic hair.

  • You Can’t Ignore Hygiene

Nobody likes sweaty and smelly groin especially your woman and the forest down there not only makes it sweaty but also it’s very unhygienic. Therefore, it is highly recommended to trim your pubic area for better hygiene and cleanliness.

  • Trimming The Pubic Hair Makes Lovemaking More Fun

Your woman is more comfortable playing around with your joystick when the pubic hair is trimmed. It is seen that some women just hesitate to touch men’s lower region when it’s not trimmed. Therefore, lovemaking is more fun and satisfying when you are clean and trimmed down there.

  • You Can Reduce Chafing

If you’re an active guy or workout a lot, you might have experienced chafing and I’m quite aware that it’s very painful, you should know that you can reduce chafing by trimming your balls and your groin area which reduces the friction and resulting in relieving your chafing problem.

Let’s have a look at the tips on the best way to trim your pubes.

Tips on How To Trim Pubic Hair (Step By Step Guide)

1. Selecting The Right Tool For Trimming Your Pubic Hair

You can check out our list of best ball trimmers that will help you select the right tool to trim your balls and pubic hair.

It is quite important to select the right tool to trim your pubic hair. I would never recommend using a rotary electric shaver around your pubic area especially on your balls and around your manhood.

The skin around your balls and your manhood is quite delicate and if it gets caught in the rotating heads of the rotary shaver, believe me, it’s not going to be fun.

The body groomers are specially designed to trim unwanted hair safely, you must always use the best body hair trimmer to shave the hair from sensitive areas such as the groin.

It is also hygienically not recommended to use the electric shaver around your groin area that you use for shaving your face because your pubic area is home to harmful bacteria. Therefore, you must buy a body groomer that you can use to trim body hair below the neck.

2. Selecting the Right Length of Trimmer Comb

It is important to first identify the right length of your pubic hair that you want to trim and then select the comb length accordingly. You need to keep 2 things in mind.

  1. What’s the current length of your pubic hair right now?
  2. How short do you want your pubic hair to be?

After you identify the length of your pubic hair, you can adjust the length of your trimmer comb accordingly.

3. Where To Trim/Shave Your Pubes? – Bathroom, Shower, or Toilet?

The right place to trim your pubic hair is your bathroom. If you trim your pubic hair while standing in your bathroom, it can make the floor messy and you need to clean it up later on after you finish the job.

However, if you choose to trim your pubes while taking a shower, then there is no need to worry about cleaning up the mess.

Best is to trim your pubes every week so that they won’t get too long and cause the drain to clog.

Some people prefer to trim their pubic hair while sitting on the toilet but it’s going to be a bit difficult for men since their balls are hanging down while sitting on a toilet which makes it a bit difficult for them to shave the balls easily. It can also risk dropping the shaver into the toilet bowl.

If you have a tub in your washroom you can sit in the empty tub and trim your pubes. This way you can easily trim your pubic hair and also clean up the mess easily.

4. Wash Your Private Parts Before You Trim

Always play safe and wash your pubic area with soap before you start trimming your pubes to get rid of any harmful bacteria. This way you can prevent yourself from an infection that you may get from nicks and cuts while trimming your pubes.

5. Trim Your Pubes Without Irritation

It is totally up to you whether you like to trim your pubic hair wet or dry. However, I prefer trimming the pubes in the shower which opens the pores and makes the pubic hair soft, this way you can easily trim your pubes without causing any irritation.

6. Use Your Hands to Identify the Difficult Parts

You may not be able to see every part while you are trimming your pubic area, therefore, you can use your hands to identify those parts that you cannot see and then trim.

7. Rinse Afterwards

When you are finished trimming the pubic hair, you can see the trimmed pubes are stuck all over your groin area. Therefore, you need to rinse it away to prevent it from getting all over inside your underwear.

8. Apply Some Kind of Moisturizer

After you are done shaving your pubic hair you should use some sort of moisturizer to soothe your skin from any discomfort caused after shaving or trimming. Always use a nonalcoholic moisturizer to avoid any redness or burn.

9. When is The Right Time To Trim Your Pubes Again?

The pubic hair is different from the hair on your head, the pubic hair does not keep on growing like the hair on your head. The pubic hair grows to a certain length and then stops growing further. You can trim your pubic hair every once or twice a week.

10. You Need To Be Extra Careful While Trimming Your Balls

There is no doubt that your testicles are one of the most sensitive body parts and you definitely want to avoid getting a nick or cut on your balls or manhood. The skin around your balls is very delicate as compared to other body parts so if you get a cut on those sensitive areas, it will going to hurt a lot.

Therefore, you must take extra care in the beginning when you select a tool to shave your scrotum. It’s always a good idea to choose the best ball trimmer because it’s specially designed to take care of the sensitive skin around your balls and groin areas.

the scrotum and your pubic area get sweaty and dirty easily as compared to other parts of the body. Therefore you must always play safe because if you get a nick or cut on your testicles the chances of catching harmful bacteria is higher.

However, if you get a nick or cut on your balls, then there is no need to panic, simply wash it with water and soap. It is also good to use alcohol-based aftershave that might sting a little but it will help to prevent you from skin infection.

Why Use a Body Groomer To Trim Your Pubic Hair

There are a number of tools that men can use to trim their pubic hair like a manual scissor, a manual razor that you use to shave your face with, a beard trimmer, or an electric shaver to shave the pubic hair. That’s definitely not the right way to do it. 

You can use a scissor to cut the long pubic hair before shaving it further but it’s not the safe way to use pointed and sharp tools near your balls and your manhood. There are specially designed manscaping trimmers that are ergonomically made in a way to take care of the sensitive parts of your body like your pubic area.

Let’s have a look at some of the factors why you should use a trimmer that is specifically designed to take care of men’s pube.

  • A Trimmer That You Can Easily Handle

Your pubic area has various tricky parts that require trimming like the area around your penis which covers most parts of your man forest. There is also hair underneath your penis. Just like that, there are also other tricky parts.

In order to trim those pubes, you need a trimmer that is easy to handle and is not very bulky like those electric razors and trimmers that are made for facial hair. The trimmer for manscaping must be lightweight and has a nice grip.

  • Selecting a Wrong Tool Can Cause Nicks and Cuts

It is important to stay safe while trimming your pubic hair and using the wrong tool will not only cause difficulty to trim the pubic hair but also it will increase the risk of nicks and cuts that can be quite painful. Therefore you must select a good body groomer that can easily trim your pubic hair safely.

  • Avoid Passing On Germs to Your Face

You definitely don’t want to pass on the harmful germs and bacteria that live in your groin area to your face by using the same shaving tools for both beard and pubic hair. Therefore, buy a body groomer that you only use for trimming and shaving hair below the neck.

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  1. This site offers cool tips. But mine is so long that trimming is nearly impossible.

    • Hi, If your pubes are too long and you find it difficult to trim your pubic hair, then you may try using a good body groomer which is quite safe to use and has different length settings that allow you to adjust the trimmer according to the length of the hair. You may find the list of top manscaping trimmers for pubes here

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