How to shave Your Balls Safely (Step By Step Guide)

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Last Updated on October 29, 2022 by Danish M

Why You Should Shave Your Balls?

You will not find a lot of hair growing on your balls as compared to the pubic hair growing above your penis. You should trim those hairs on your balls to reduce sweating that can cause infection since smooth and shaved balls keep the harmful bacteria away.

A large forest of pubic hair can cause stinkiness and you definitely don’t want to smell bad with your partner in bed.

Women also prefer men with smoother balls 


How To Shave Your Balls?

1. Always Use The Right Tools

Always make sure to use a separate shaver or trimmer for your face and for shaving your balls due to hygiene purposes. I would recommend using a good body groomer to shave your balls since it’s safer than the manual or straight razor and it comes with different attachments that include a shaver head as well.

If you’re interested in getting some further in-depth information on buying a good ball trimmer, you can check out our thorough buying guide here – List of Best Trimmers for Balls.

A body groomer can remove hair easily and safely and it cuts the hair super close that gives you a smooth sack.

The hairs on the balls are quite thin and light and when you shave your balls you won’t get the feeling of stubble that you feel when you shave your face or your pubic hair.

However, if you feel any rashes and irritation on your balls after you shave, you must avoid shaving it too close and just use a trimmer to trim those hairs.

2. Avoid Using Hair Removal Cream or Spray

Using a hair removal cream might be an easy way out for some men to remove hair from their scrotal skin or pubic area as compared to shaving your balls.

However, the chemicals those hair removal creams contain can be quite harmful to your scrotal skin and can cause irritation and rashes or even skin infection since the skin of your ball sack is quite sensitive.

You must avoid using those hair removal creams anywhere near your genitals because your pubic area is quite sensitive and you definitely don’t want to take any risks by using those products.

It’s always best to use a decent body groomer which is specifically designed to remove unwanted hair from your private parts.

3. Trim Before You Shave

Just like you trim your beard short before shaving it to make it easier for you to shave, you need a trimmer to trim those hairs on the balls as well. Trim the hair to a centimeter or even shorter so that you can easily shave it using a body groomer or a razor.

All the latest body groomers come with both trimming and shaving options, therefore, there is no need to buy a separate trimmer and a shaver to get the job done.

4. Taking a Warm Shower Makes it Easy to Shave

Before you shave your balls, you need to prepare your scrotal skin. It is always best to take a warm shower that increases the flow of blood to the balls which loosens up the skin of the ball sack allowing you to easily shave the balls. The warm shower also helps to shave the hair without much effort.

5. Use a Good Shaving Cream or Gel

You can use shaving cream to shave your balls which makes it easy to shave. However, you need to be a bit careful when you are shaving your scrotum while applying shaving cream or gel especially when you’re using a manual razor to shave because the shaving cream can make the scrotal skin a bit slippery.

That’s why I always recommend using a decent body groomer to shave your balls safely without having a fear of nicks and cuts.

6. Pull and Stretch Your Skin a Bit

Whether you are shaving your balls with a razor or with a body groomer, you need to stretch the skin of the scrotum a bit tight so that when you shave or trim the hair it won’t tug or pull due to the folds of the scrotal skin.

7. No Need to Haste

The skin of your ball sack is very delicate, therefore, you must be careful while shaving your scrotum and you need to go very slow. Always try not to cut yourself down there because any nicks or cuts on your balls can prevent you from having sex for a few days.

8. Use Cool Water To Rinse

Once you finish shaving your balls, it is best to rinse them with cold water, you may take a cold shower as well. This will help in closing the pores and reduce the chances of ingrown hairs.

9. Use a Decent Aftershave Balm

Once you’re done taking a shower after shaving your balls, you must pat dry the area and use an aftershave balm that will soothe your scrotal skin and prevent it from any kind of harmful bacteria. Aftershave balm will also help in reducing irritation and nourish your skin.

Danish M

I really enjoy grooming and styling which leads to my passion for reviewing electric shavers and trimmers. I love the latest innovation and advancement in the shaving world that makes the grooming and beard shaving really safe and easy. Read More

  1. Am I the only man who has never done this? The very concept of having a sharp blade near my testicles seems absolutely insane. In fact, the problem is that my hairs grow too fast (maybe within a few days) and there’s a new jungle every time I prepare to shave it.

    I actually thought it was easier to shave them when my scrotum was tight 🙁

    • When the skin of your scrotum is tight, the chances of cuts are higher since the skin of the scrotum becomes uneven and it’s quite obvious that you need to pull the skin of your balls to get the job done. Therefore, it’s suggested to follow the above steps to shave your balls in a proper manner.

  2. What’s the best way to get rid of blackheads on the scrotum?

    • Hi Larry, thank you for posting a comment, you need to first identify whether they are really blackheads or black spots on your scrotum. It’s always best to consult a dermatologist before trying any home remedy to fix the problem.

      • I’ve talked to a dermatologist and they are blackheads.

        • Blackheads on scrotum are caused by clogged pores and the best way to get rid of them is by keeping your scrotum and pubic area clean since hygiene is the key and definitely that includes trimming those hairs on the balls and pubic area. Warm compresses also help and you may see improvements in a few months.

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